Scientist & Democrat Harry Braun for President

Given the Trump and Environmental State of Emergency, it is now critical for voters in 38-states to ratify the 28-word Democracy Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with State Constitutional Convention paper ballots downloaded from the BraunforPresident.US website, which are then simply mailed to each voter’s Secretary of State.  As such, Braun's first objective is to make the voters in all 50 states aware of the "Emergency Clause" in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which empowers voters in 38-states to ratify the following Democracy Amendment:  


“We the People, hereby empower the majority of voters to approve all federal laws, legislation, presidential executive orders and judicial decisions that impact the majority of voters.” 


      Given Trump is an illegitimate president “selected” by Putin, who has become a Nuremberg-class chemical contamination criminal for the Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Industrial Complex; and given the out-of-control national debt that is rapidly making the Dollar worthless, the vicious partisan dysfunction and the fossil fuel and nuclear-based chemical contamination of every man, woman and child worldwide, including the unborn; and given the catastrophic climate change, gun violence and immigration chaos, it is now critical for voters in 38-states to ratify the Democracy Amendment before the next hacked and unverified election in 2020.


      Once this “Power to the People” amendment is ratified, the majority of voters will then hold new and verifiable elections with similar downloadable ballots, which will allow voters to replace Trump and America’s lobbyist-based Oligarchic Republic and its reliance on toxic fossil and nuclear fuels, with a real “majority-rule” Democracy and a non-toxic and renewable Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age that the USA, civilization, and life itself were all founded upon.  

        Thus, no research and development is needed, and because the key hydrogen and cannabis technology is in the public domain, it will also usher in a sustainable “Stable State” Economic Democracy that will pay for a non-profit, no cost universal healthcare and educational system, based on the insights from the U.S. Armed Forces, Hippocrates, and the remarkable Essene Jesus revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which would all be integrated into a highly-personalized Dr. Google Supercomputer Healthcare System that can be accessed via anyone’s cell phone or PC 24/7 (i.e. BraunCare).  

      Trump and America’s bribery-based Republic, which is rule by the tiny few in secret with lobbyists, will then be replaced with a real “majority rule” Democracy that will be operated like the U.S. Armed Forces, with pride and not bribes, and ultimately governed by a “Universal Mind” of over 60 million voters -- most of whom are women.     


      Braun is the CEO and senior scientist of Mesa Wind, a wind energy company, and since 1981 he has been an Advisory Board Member of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (, which represents thousands of engineers worldwide who are focused on replacing the toxic Fossil Fuel Age that is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable, with a non-toxic and renewable Solar Hydrogen Age and Economy worldwide, where every existing engine, home, skyscraper and cell phone is modified to use hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity, which is much safer to use than gasoline or lithium battery-electric systems. Although as Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the least expensive hydrogen, fibers and non-toxic biodegradable plastics were made from cannabis. 

      Less than 3 million two-megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems would permanently replace all of the highly-toxic fossil fuel and nuclear fuels now used in the USA, and they are no more difficult to mass-produce than the over 17 million new vehicles sold each year in America. Thus, it’s not the internal combustion engine that is the problem, it’s the highly-toxic and rapidly-diminishing fossil fuels, as well as the vast army of lobbyists from the Oil Industrial Complex, which includes the major Wall Street banks, the chemical, pharmaceutical and corporate news networks that exclusively provided Trump with over five billion dollars of free news coverage just in the 2016 primary. And the vicious partisan political chaos that is rapidly destroying all life on the Earth can only be reversed when the Democracy Amendment is ratified, so a Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age can be implemented worldwide by 2025.  While trees are highly-efficient in removing carbon from the atmosphere, they take a lifetime to grow, whereas cannabis plants can grow from an eight-inch baby plant into a three-foot tall tree within the span of three to six weeks.  As such cannabis plants should be planted as the new national tree everywhere worldwide to deal with the climate change chaos.  




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