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  • Mandy (Senior Arabian)
  • Madison (Mini Therapy Donkey)
  • Mozart (Mini Therapy Horse)
  • Lucia (Senior Paso Fino)
  • Zaranna (Senior Arabian)
  • Estelle (Special NeedsTWH)
  • Little Man (Special Needs Quarter Horse)
  • Willow (Special Needs Senior Arabian)
  • Stewie (Jersey Cow)
  • Quincy, Pavlov, Razzy, Hamilton and Albus (Goats)
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    All horses in Safe Harbor are eligible for sponsorship.  We have, however, found that sponsorship of our senior horses has been a rewarding experience for those who have gone that route as they are able to build a long term relationship with the horse of their choice.  Glory, our featured horse for this page, is 39 years old, and she thrives thanks to support from your generous giving.

    Safe Harbor has sponsorship options starting at only $25/month, and all sponsors can meet the horse that they are sponsoring to directly see the reward of their life saving gift.

    Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary is one of the few equine rescues that has both an adoption program, and a forever sanctuary program. In general, horses that are 30 years of age or older that enter our program and younger horses who are special needs are eligible to become sanctuary residents and have lifelong care guaranteed by the rescue. Each sanctuary horse is eligible for sponsorship.

    What does this mean? As a senior sponsor, you are taking a special interest in that Senior Horse. While he or she will still live in Safe Harbor Sanctuary, we will designate on our website that you have sponsored that horse. If you live nearby we will welcome you to come out to meet the horse you are sponsoring, so you can see first hand how your donation is benefitting the horse. If you are far away, our foster home where the horse is will send you periodic updates and photos so you can maintain a relationship with your sponsored horse. 100% of the funds you donate for the sponsorship go directly to fund the care for that horse. They do not go into the general rescue fund.

    Safe Harbor is a 501(c)3 Public Service Charity. Your donation is tax deductible and no goods or services were exchanged for this donation.