SANATIONE: A Time For Healing






As COVID-19 spread, a group of filmmakers and storytellers from 22 countries did what filmmakers do.  They grabbed their cameras to capture the lives and stories around them.  Stories of suffering, isolation, struggle and coping.  And also stories of kindness and moments of unexpected joy.  


I’m Evelyn Seubert, the co-creator of SANATIONE.  My life’s dream was to work with young people in the visual arts, specifically film and video.  And that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 21 years.  In 2006, I co-founded the International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) whose goal is to bring young international filmmakers together to bring positive change to the world through collaborative media projects. Every year IYMS hosts our annual Summit in a different country.  We were scheduled to meet in Croatia in July 2020, but the pandemic forced the Summit online. By then our SANATIONE filmmakers were already working across borders.  Co-creator Anne Drecktrah had organized folks with cellphones in the U.S. and co-creator Sapan Hamal and I organized filmmakers in other countries.  


SANATIONE is a web series of 15-minute videos that are inspired by the drastic impact of Covid-19.  We have recruited over 30 filmmakers from 22 countries, including Bangladesh, Croatia, Egypt, Ghana, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Sweden and the USA. Our team firmly believes we can have a positive impact from such a negative event.  That is who we are. 

SANATIONE will revolve around the main themes that have emerged during the pandemic:

Helping Hands: medical workers, health care professionals, food suppliers and refugee advocates.

Fighting for Change: worldwide protests demanding an end to injustice.

Mother Nature: climate change, food sources, indigenous wisdom, paths to healing.

Generations: the impact on youth, the elderly, education and jobs.

Healing through the Arts: music, dance, theater and the visual arts.

We know that the pandemic will evolve; vaccines will eventually be distributed. This is a fluid situation and SANATIONE will evolve along with it. The filmmakers themselves are often at the center of our stories. One of our filmmakers in Lebanon, Rola, filmed both the protests against the government and the pandemic that surrounded her. Farhad spent six weeks in the COVID ward of an Iranian hospital to get the story of Atefeh, a nurse battling the disease.  As we get all of our filmmakers ramped up, the Webisodes will be released on a regular basis. 

What we need…

All contributions will move us forward to our goal of making short videos that will give us worldwide perspectives on how people are coping with the pandemic.  We are also using this moment to reveal the possibilities – asking young people, elders, scientists and experts how we can heal the world and ourselves. 

Everyone has been working hard this year, filming end editing episodes to release on the SANATIONE website.  So far, we are all volunteers because we believe in this endeavor so much.  However, funds will help us not only pay our young filmmakers and editors, they will help us pay for the production expenses. We think that maybe, just maybe, the episodes will affect individual lives by offering them hope and the encouragement to engage.

We want to raise $15,000 towards our budget.  This is partial funding but will go a long way in making our project come alive.  We are keeping our budget tight and virtually everyone will be working for very little.  This speaks to our entire team’s dedication to SANATIONE.

What you get…

A passion project like ours, one that aims to contribute to the good of mankind, is forgoing merchandise.  We have a website, a Facebook page and the shows themselves in which to include your name, your photo, your personal dedication and credits, all depending upon the level of your contribution.  WE WANT TO MAKE YOU FRONT AND CENTER!  Every dollar helps.  SANATIONE began with a contribution from UNESCO that got us off our feet and moving.  Let the race continue!

Below is a link to the IYMS website which will give you an opportunity to see other projects from IYMS and the episodes as they roll out.  Let’s give these incredible, dedicated and good-hearted young people a chance.  Please tell them that you believe in what they are doing.  We adore them so much.  They are some of the world’s most precious citizens.

Episode 1: Defenders


Episode 2: I Can't Breathe - Part 1


Episode 3: What's Going On



This is a low-risk project.  Episodes are now being shot or are finished and posted.

If you can’t contribute to the campaign, please watch our episodes and spread the word as much as you can.  We all know the power of Social Media and Indiegogo has some great sharing tools.


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