Robot Missions Summer 2018

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Robot Missions shows how to reduce pollution on our beaches and parks while educating the community about engineering, technology, and the environment.

We've brought our robot Bowie on 20 Field Tests engaging with over 250 participants. This summer, in addition to Field Tests, we're deploying them onto Westboro Beach and integrating artificial intelligence into the robots.

Our immediate goal is to raise $1462.50 CAD before noon on Wednesday 13th. This is the cost of insurance for Robot Missions. 

The activities of our robot Field Tests, deploying the Catalyst Pod, letting community groups borrow our robot — all require insurance. We are stuck without this.

Additional amounts will go towards offsetting costs of manufacturing new robots, and personnel + food for volunteers to help further our endeavour.

Robot Missions Workshop Participants

Robot Missions workshops teach participants about the process of going from an idea to prototype to invention. The workshops are highly-interactive, and involve the group by helping the robot to complete a task. Participants get to see and shape technology in action, and contribute ideas of how they would modify the robot to tackle other grand challenges.

Bowie the Robot

This is Bowie the robot (in yellow). Bowie is a low-cost, entirely 3D printed, robot that scoops up debris from shorelines and deposits it into its container. It is already a working prototype! Presently it is remotely operated. This summer, we are developing the autonomous functionality.


The Robot Missions team is comprised of two engineering students from the University of Ottawa, one high school student, two from industry, and Erin the founder. Pictured here: Cailey, Erin, Micah.

Catalyst Pod

The Catalyst Pod is a solar powered "tiny house" by prototypeD. We're aiming to deploy it on Westboro Beach this summer, where we will repair and debug the robots in here, and invite the public to come in and learn more about pollution on our shorelines, robotics, and artificial intelligence. 

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