Right The Ship

First, thank you for being here on our WEB SITE and showing an interest to learn more about us. We are a new but strong political party called the Mayflower Compact Patriots. Our mission with humble but determined conviction is to 'Right The Ship' of the Long Train of Abuses that have been going on for decades against the hundreds of millions of good citizens of the United States.

Our strongest heartfelt primary goal is to bring TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE to over 300 million Americans, and that includes the millions of unfortunate folks that sadly suffer from pre-existing health conditions. We will achieve all that we say because we have intelligently and carefully researched in great detail over many years how to absolutely find logical solutions that will bring to YOU, your children, plus friends and neighbors, as I said above, TRUE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE.

Every step, move and strategical way we are going to greatly (REDUCE) your Health Care and monthly insurance premiums and high deductibles costs, are clearly and to the point spelled out in our Mission Statement. It is all written out in plain and down to earth spoken English, just like I'd be talking to you face to face, so there's no lawyer big words muddling up and causing any confusion on what I sincerely am telling you what we're GOING to do to lower your Health Care monthly expenses.   

We have been observing and calculating the extreme WASTE, FRAUD, & ABUSE going on inside our government for far too long, and once you get to know us you will understand that we are fighters who are ready to bring to the hundreds of millions of OVER-TAXED middle-class Americans, Lower Taxation & True Leadership Representation. This is a major serious CAUSE, and you have my solemn promise I will not let you down.

Please read carefully our opening WEB PAGE letter to America, and then we hope you will take the time to seriously study our ‘Mission Statement’.  We are in a sense regular folks just like you, but perhaps you could say we've had some out of the box fine-tuning life experiences also, and now after a long time of seeing and experiencing a lot of the unknown underbelly of how our government works, we've had enough and want to get into the fight to 'Right The Ship' for all Americans. The bottom line is, please know that WE care and truly want to make a positive difference in your lives. 

We are the Mayflower Compact Patriots, and we are going to be driven to bring you a SINCERE, RIGHTEOUS & ETHICAL fresh new political party that is going to work every day to bring forth a ‘Patriotic Life Improvement Movement for all Americans’.  

We hope you will join us and then begin personally feeling like you're a part of an amazing new positive change we are going to bring to America, and thus your future.  

We would appreciate any DONATION you can help us with, and please spread the word about us.  

Thank you.

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