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    Recovery from heroin/opioid addiction is an extremely difficult, painful and long term process. Despite this, recovery is possible!  While insurance covers most costs of treatment, there are several aspects in individual recovery that are not covered. These costs include daily transportation fees to treatment facilities, transportation to detoxification and rehabilitation facilities, payments for treatment facilities, and rent at sober living homes.  Please help us to continue to provide these crucial expenses that  are not covered by insurance and but so desperately needed when entering into recovery. 

    Josh Bressette Commit To Save A Life is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in memory of Joshua Bressette. Josh was addicted to heroin. His addiction cost him his life. The Josh Bressette Commit To Save A Life organization is devoted to assisting individuals who want to release themselves from the grip of heroin/opioid addiction and recover.

    We believe that those in recovery from heroin/opioid addiction should be applauded, assisted, and encouraged throughout their long and difficult journey.  When a person recovers from heroin/opioid addiction they become an asset to their community by being able to work, share his or her story of recovery, and inspire others to recover as well.

    Josh Bressette Commit To Save A Life is operated by volunteers and funded through donations and fundraising efforts. Your donation to the recovery fund is extremely important in the success of our program. Transportation, prescriptions, co-payments, and sober living rent  are necessary in the day to day expenses needed for a person to recover from heroin/opioid addiction. Financial assistance is crucial to those in recovery from heroin/opioid addiction that cannot afford these services which are necessary to their success in recovery.

    Josh Bressette Commit To Save A Life, Inc. (formerly known as The Joshua Bressette Witness and Victim Protection Fund) is a nonprofit organization exempt from federal income tax as described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN # 47-1129831. No goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution.