Recall Jamie Allard






The effort to recall Jamie Allard is progressing quickly. The petition is done, and now we need your help Anchorage, Chugiak, and Eagle River to recall Jamie Allard — the assembly member who defended Nazi sympathizers, made unwarranted xenophobic comments at official assembly meetings and who actively supports the “Save Anchorage” group and the “Reclaim Midtown” page.

As we have seen, the “Save Anchorage” group that Jamie Allard supports is homophobic, antisemitic and racist. Supporters of the group cheered a homophobic slur directed at her colleague Christopher Constant and her supporters were also seen wearing Holocaust imagery in the assembly chambers last week.

Please donate to help us acquire the lawyers and staff we will need to battle this out with Allard! We are ready to take Anchorage back, are you?

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Recall Jamie Allard the nazi sympathizer and Assembly Business disrupter!

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      Robert | $31.46

      Pat Dougherty

      James | $52.23/OT

      Our assembly is elected. Voters voted for her. That said, she has a responsibility to make government function, efficiently to go a step further, whether she gets what she wants or not. You have to work with people you disagree with. She doesn’t. Plus she’s mean and evil (supporting yellow stars). We could also say several Anchorage lives were lost due to her anti-science views and overwhelming ignorance. If I keep writing, I’ll owe another $50

      Bonnie Boedeker | $52.23

      Elstun Lauesen | $259.92/OT

      Jamie Allard has failed her duty to defend the Charter by supporting Eagle River Secession and obstructing the Assembly. Her conduct in unworthy of office and she uses her office to promote conspiracy theories, disinformation and lies. She has used her office to harass snd bully healthcare workers, hospital staff and private citizens. She must be removed from office!

      Elstun Lauesen | $104.15/OT

      Save Alaska from Save Anchorage and Jamie Allard’s toxic personality.

      Cindy | $104.15

      Calling out a leadership misfit, and hateful persona with a financial contribution to unseat this assembly member. #RecallAllard

      Stacey | $104.15

      This repugnant individual must go.

      Tamara | $104.15/OT

      We have lived in Eagle River for almost 25 years. Jamie Allard doesn’t represent us. Crystal should note that she isn’t getting my support in the next election either. What a mess!


      After tonight I fully 100% support this recall. She must be recalled.

      Robyn | $25/OT

      She must be recalled! Thank you!

      Bonnie Clouser


      I have lived in Eagle River for 40 years and am with our words over this dark current taking over our community. Jamie Allard is representing this evil. She does not represent me! She is in no way qualified to have this position and is completely ignorant of the public process. I fully support her removal!

      Nikki Randall | $5