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ABOVE - Season One

In 2020, when I thought about Prophecy I thought about dark beasts, cryptic symbols, and conspiracy. And I thought that it was probably for Bible Scholars.

Now, just two years later, on the brink of producing an animated short-film style series about the topic, I believe that Prophecy is an essential part of our Christian walk - changing the way we see life and reality itself. I believe that its true beauty can only be seen when Prophecy is told in context of the whole story of God's pursuit to reunite with us.

What happened in those two years? I simply discovered Prophecy! But not like so many other presentations I had sat through in my childhood. Traditionally, Prophecy is torn from its context and preached completely detached from the narrative that brings clarity and meaning. So in a sense, this series is not about prophecy. It's about the story that includes Prophecy. This story is the big picture - the direction that gives our relationship with Christ meaning and purpose. If we want to see a revival in this generation that will last until Jesus returns, this generation must understand Prophecy.

I knew that I wasn't the only one who had struggled with a warped picture of Prophecy. I felt I had to do something to change that. So I decided to use my filmmaking skills to spread this new and beautiful view of prophecy to as many as I could.

Since the pitch video was published in June of 2021, God has opened up door after door, pushing this project forward at incredible speeds.

Now, nine months later, episode one has been mostly written, the six episodes of season 1 have been outlined. We built a website, displayed a booth at GYC, and became a registered organization. God inspired people to donate thousands of dollars, He connected us with an Adventist animator who used to work for Disney, and many more people who have been instrumental in the development of this project. Every step in this journey has fallen into place perfectly on time for the next step and the next, and I'm blown away just thinking about how God has orchestrated everything thus far. Hopefully, we can tell that story somewhere soon.

The next step for Rebrand Prophecy lies before us - producing season 1. We're currently working on a teaser trailer and finishing the writing for season 1. But to produce all six episodes costs around $600,000. This number might seem huge, but if only a 1 million people watch each episode, we will only pay 10 cents to get it in front of each person. You couldn't even do mail out evangelism that cheaply! We believe that God can grow this project into a global movement around God's story and may help to prepare millions of people to live with Christ for eternity!

Help spread the news, donate if you can, and pray for God's leading! Anything you can give to this project will be used directly to pay animators, illustrators, voice actors, editors, and music producers as well as funding marketing so these world-view changing truths can reach more people!