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Rave Scout Cookies hopes that during this everlasting time of isolation, you are all feeling well, staying healthy and protected. As a platform founded and focused solely on connecting and bringing communities together, Rave Scout sends its deepest sympathy to all artists, creators, venues and promoters affected by COVID-19.

As noted in last year's Resident Advisors News Feature, the primary mission of Rave Scout Cookies is to offer our community members a metamorphic digital experience and networking space, showcasing their talents and, more importantly, feeling heard. This can not be more relevant today than when Rave Scout Cookies first established.

As most of you know, I run all facets of the platform on my own, and as per usual I have taken on more than I can swallow. I would like to inform you of Rave Scout's current status, along with some of the measures I have taken to support our communities, and what you can do to help us with the current conditions of our world;


I am currently rebuilding the website using a more advanced hosting server to resolve current development constraints and to provide our community with responsive design and add new features modified to our present ways of life and norms, Camp Quarantine;

  • Building a Social Forum Mobile App based on Signals Open Source App 
  • Secure and Protected Live Chatroom
  • Community Discussion Forum
  • Rich User-Profiles and Subdirectories (SSO)
  • Network Matching Services
  • Local and Global Community Library of Resources

How You Can Help

Due to the current severe impact of the COVID-19 crisis, your love and support to your fellow Rave Scouts, local and global communities is essential. Here is a list of ways you can support the platform and our community;

  • Submit any relevant data and resource collection that you trust will be integrated into our database. ([email protected])

  • We are looking for all kinds of talented and creative individuals to work together and deliver their voices and expertise to larger communities and provide them with financial support (Writers, Artists, Dj’s, Web Developers, Producers, etc.)

  • You can buy our Official Scout Candles via COOKIEMART.CLUB to support us along with a variety of platforms and venues assigned to each candle to raise funds for our social, cultural and businesses.

Fund Camp Quarantine by Funding Rave Scout Cookies Founder

Following recent COVID-19 effects, immigration laws have been changed, temporarily shutting down the USCIS Immigration Office. Like many others, Salman Jaberi lost considerable money in securing his O-1 visa to preserve his US status and make this country his home. , cHe is now unable to work legally without a work permit because his visa expired on 28 February 2020 and with the recent immigration law reform eliminating the expeditious processing of applications from 15 days to 3 months and the loss of that large fee, he owes his legal firm a substantial amount of money in addition to the business obligations he had made before COVID-19, together with medical bills, rent, and other personal charges.  Any love to help him land back on his feet would be gratefully received.

Please stay safe and check in with your loved ones frequently, especially with marginalized members of our community who may not have the love and support of their own families or individuals to whom they may rely on during uncertain times like these.

Although temporarily at a distance, my love and affection for our community has always been a high priority to me. We will all go through this together and meet on the dance floor to romp, rage, and formulate a dance pandemic that will last forever in our hearts and minds.

Love Always,

Rave Scout Cookies


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