Ratify the Democracy Amendment Before The Next Hacked "Selection" in November!!!

A recent national poll conducted by the Politics Institute at Harvard University found that a whopping 84% of both Republican and Democratic voters were disgusted with the two-party system's dysfunctional Orwellian warfare and the money, lobbyists and corruption in politics, which can only be ended once the 28-word Democracy Amendment is ratified by voters in 38-states, using the "Emergency Clause" language in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, and completely verifiable State Constitutional Convention paper ballots downloaded in all 50 states from the DemocracyAmendmentUSA.org website, which will then simply be mailed to each voter’s Secretary of State, where the ballots can be verified, counted in public and archived, which is how all future elections and voter approved laws and judicial rulings will be handled.

The 28-word Democracy Amendment that is proposed as the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, states: We the People, hereby empower the majority of American voters to approve all federal laws, legislation, presidential executive orders and judicial decisions that impact the majority of voters.” And the majority of voters in the United States are women!

Once the amendment is ratified by the majority of voters in 38-states, voters will then be empowered to end the lobbying of elected officials and the dysfunctional partisan warfare, and all future elections and voter-approved laws and Supreme Court “recommendations” will then use the same inexpensive, convenient and completely verifiable voting system, instead of the existing computer elections that were not just hacked by the Russians, but by a Republican-owned American company, Elections Systems & Software (ES&S) that according to an investigative report in The New York Times “The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine” by Kim Zetter, published on February 21, 2018, ES&S had secretly installed “remote access software” that was hacking, flipping and then counting the votes in real time during the elections since the 1990s in 42-states, with no federal oversight, which has never been reported on by any of the oil-owned television news networks. As Joseph Stalin often said, "It's not the voters that count -- but who counts the votes ... They determine everything!!!"

          And once the majority of voters are empowered to approve all federal laws, the policy information on the BraunForPresident.US website will provide voters with a crystal clear path of how to implement a solar-sourced Hydrogen Age, Economy & Organic Indoor Agricultural "Ecosystems" in existing homes and commercial buildings worldwide by 2025, which will be able to survive the Climate Change & Chemical Contamination Chaos that is destroying the highly-toxic toxic agricultural systems worldwide.

          Hydrogen is the only super-safe “universal” fuel that can power a political and economic "majority-rule" Democracy, where every appliance, vehicle, aircraft, aircraft carrier, home, ecosystem, skyscraper, and cell phone will be powered by the most abundant, renewable and completely non-toxic element in the Universe, which is conveniently found in water, cannabis and even trash.  Indeed, hydrogen is the Holy Grail of all energy and life on the Earth, because hydrogen is what creates water, and chemically bonds all of the remarkable and highly complex four billion-year-old proteins and their DNA supercomputer molecules of life in every living organism. And in the case of humans, there are approximately 100 billion proteins in every one of our 37 trillion cells, which is truly a Universe that lives within us, which are dissolved and destroyed by the oil-based chemical poisons like gasoline that are now in the blood of every person and child worldwide, because they now arrive in the wind, rain and snow worldwide – which is why there is not a day to lose in ratifying the Democracy Amendment!!!

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