Restoring God's Books, Restoring God's People






RemnantEDU is restoring God's books.  We've ditched the non-essentials of life and spare nothing to produce these amazing Rare Adventist titles-- many out of print for over 150 years! 

In fact, producing books is our sole objective.  We have hundreds of titles waiting for production.  And we are fully convinced, that by restoring these books to print, we can restore God's people to the way He would have us be.


We're not getting rich in the book work.  In fact, we usually operate at a loss, foregoing basic needs.  With a heavy sense of duty and extreme frugality, we have eschewed worldly possessions, houses, lands, and repurposed our entire lives to this work.

Why should we ask for support if we're so ascetic?   It's not for our comfort, to decorate our mortal bodies, that's for sure. We aren't into those things. It's to advance the work on books.  Your monthly gift help us to advance and expand.  To grow in our work means to add resources which restore important books to print faster!  

Think there's time to spare?  We don't.  We hear it in every ambulance wail. Too late for that one, maybe. 

Check the obituary column, and reflect.  Who there has received Christ? There is no time to waste at all.


Please consider sharing the burden of the book work with us.  Our people need these books. You need them. The world needs them.

And you have our word, we won't buy Cadillacs, gold rims,  or trinkets, we'll put it everything directly to the book work, exactly as stated.

Thank you for considering this important work!

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