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Why did you start your project?

You should always do what you are good at and you have the ability to do - being blessed with health and organizing skills I had to contribute to have impact in people‘s lives. It started with small refugee projects in 2015, now we are building schools, wells and much more in several countries.

How would you explain a normal day in your life? (inside the project)

Aligning with the country project managers to understand the local needs. Get a common understanding of how we want to contribute - we always consider to integrate the local communities. Set up projects plans, information sheets, calculations, etc.  Create donor specific information to fundraise - we focus on 1-1-relationships here. Share the success stories. And of course do the admin and accounting stuff.

What is the biggest achievement until now, inside your project?

Currently I am in Benin and yesterday I visited the school we built here. Seeing that the young kids have hopes and dreams, wishes and peace is my personal biggest achievement. Generally spoken we gave access to education to hundreds of students in Benin, Mali and Senegal. We have supported several handicapped in Bosnia and Palestine and we have enabled plenty of refugees in Germany to find a new home in the country.

Who are the people behind your project and what you can tell about them?

All people involved support in their free time. The NGO is 100% based on voluntary work. I am amazed by the project leaders every day. They are either locals who know the country or lived there a long time. They understand and fully respect the countries‘ cultures and traditions. And they are 100% committed to generate an impact. I adore them and am very proud of them.

What are you going to do, if you receive 10.000 Dollars for your project?

The biggest impact from the current perspective would be to split it for Senegal and Benin: Senegal to implement hygiene measures especially for girls (talking about menstruation). And in Benin to increase the offer of education.

If you could have ONE wish in life, what would it be? Share your heart, mind & love with us.

Equality, respect, liberty and love for evey single human being. We can start by implementing the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

Thanks for your trust. Please follow the development on bike4peace.eu

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