Dear friends, James and I are reaching out to you for help. Please chip in so we can keep providing the best care, shelter and feed for the rescue animals at the sanctuary.

We currently have 324 animals in our care, and the requests to help keep coming. 

This year we have been battered by the impacts of the changing climate. La Nina has caused frequent storms and flooding, damaging our driveway and access tracks and ripping the roof off our new volunteer accommodation. Continued heavy rain has pushed our existing facilities to their limits.  We currently operate with only two stables, and with many animals facing issues from the ongoing wet ground, it has been a constant juggle for space to house them.  The weather also lead us to cancel many of our events, which impacted us financially. These pressures compound with the day-to-day running of the sanctuary.

With the sanctuary's growing demands, we knew we needed more stables for times like these. We successfully applied for a grant for a much-needed new stable facility that houses sick or vulnerable animals, a treatment room and more. Unfortunately, since the time we won the grant, prices have increased so that the grant funding will now only stretch to cover the earthworks, the concrete slab and the stable structure, but not the vital internal fit-out. We've crunched the numbers, and we're short $30,000. 

Typically our feed and vet bills are lower in summer than in winter, but the wetter conditions can create many issues that require ongoing vet treatment, and hay prices are high due to widespread flooding and loss of crops.

This holiday season, we're asking for your help. We need to raise $60,000. 

$30,000 to help pay for the basics: hay, feed, medical supplies, veterinary expenses, and shelter repairs, and $30,000 to help fit out a new stable facility that will help us continue to provide the best care for animals who come through our gates.

The five new stables will provide us with vital space to quarantine new animals to ensure our existing residents are not exposed to parasites or preventable conditions from new arrivals. The stables will also provide safe, warm, draft-free areas for vulnerable young, elderly or unwell animals who arrive in dire need of higher levels of care. In addition, the stable block will contain a dedicated treatment room so that we can undertake vet treatments on-site in all weather conditions.

At Little Oak, we provide care and support to farmed animals to live out their natural lifespan, which is rarely afforded outside of a sanctuary. As our sanctuary grows, we are honoured to care for an increasing number of elderly farmed animals.  Older farmed animals have specific needs requiring higher levels of care, which we can better provide with our new stable facility.

The stables will help sheep like Joe (13 yrs), Emilie and Harriet (12 yrs), goats like Virgil (14yrs), Ginny & Mercury the alpacas (18+ yrs), Pigs like Basil, Eamon, and Clovis (11 yrs) and horses like Didge (24 yrs). They will also be invaluable for the vulnerable youngsters who come into our care, like Penelope, the orphaned goat, or Xavier, Bindi and Lambo, the orphaned lambs, and any other animals in our care who become unwell and require ongoing treatment.

Only through your generosity can we provide this kind of care; the care all animals deserve.

Donating $25 will buy a bale of hay

Donating $70 will feed a rescued pig for a week

Donating $250 will feed the cows for a week

Donate $2,500, and we'll name a paddock in your honour (only 1 left)

Donate $5,000, and we'll name one of our five new stables in your honour (only 3 left).

Donate $10,000, and we'll name our brand new animal treatment room, where animals can receive on-site vet care in your honour (CLAIMED).

The cost of running the sanctuary is increasing at an alarming rate. Every dollar you donate goes straight to our precious animals; we receive no government funding.

We want to be able to continue the work we do, but we need your help.

This year, we helped sixteen ducks who were the survivors of school hatching programs and raised awareness of the problems with hatching programs. We helped end a backyard breeding program by providing sanctuary to over 80 chickens and roosters. Not only have these birds been given a haven for life, but we've spared the suffering of future generations of birds. We've helped dozens of other animals, including orphaned lambs, goat kids, retired alpacas, and birds ranging from a tiny quail to giant turkeys.

So I'm asking you to help chip in towards our goal of $60,000 to enable us to continue the valuable work at Little Oak Sanctuary.

Even a small contribution from each of you would get us there; please help us keep saving lives.

We receive no government funding; we are entirely reliant on your help. Every dollar you donate goes to the animals, and donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Please let us know if you have contributed below after donating, and please remember to share this post far and wide. We need you. The animals need you.

Kate & James

Co-Founders, Little Oak Sanctuary

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Judi Hurle | A$25

Thank you for all you do💝

Irina | A$70

Juanita | A$100

Awesome work guys!

Fleur Wimborne | A$25/M

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. The world is a brighter, kinder place because of people like you xx

Kara | A$50