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Maya’s Hope doubles the number of donors and sets out to raise $1M for Ukraine Aid with Donorbox

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Maya’s Hope provides support for orphaned and impoverished children, many of whom have disabilities, by providing medical care and surgeries, nutrition, and basic needs. They provide orphanage support, education, and disaster relief in both the Philippines and Ukraine.
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Maya’s Hope Ukraine Aid

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Maya’s Hope has seen a dramatic increase in the number of requests it receives for support for Ukrainian families and organizations.

The number of donors giving to Maya’s Hope through Donorbox has doubled since implementation, with an average donation of $514. They have raised over $826,649 with peer-to-peer fundraising on Donorbox, with the help of over 41 supporters. This year they have set their largest fundraising goal ever, at $1,000,000, for their Ukraine Emergency Campaign.

Donorbox’s ease of use is a great support for lean nonprofit teams like Maya’s Hope, freeing them to focus their efforts on their mission and not spend much time on online fundraising setup and training volunteers on how to use the platform.

Manual reporting and spreadsheets were a time-suck

Maya’s Hope had been using CrowdRise that was later acquired by GoFundMe Charity, causing an immediate and negative impact on their fundraising. They were channeling funds from various platforms – encouraging donors to use low-fee alternatives for large donations and recieving international donations from various other platforms.

Hampered with manual reports and tax letters, it was clear that they needed software that could automate their reporting, tax letters, and allow donations via Apple Pay and Google Pay, and International transfers. Maya Crauderueff, Founder of Maya’s Hope, started looking for a fundraising solution that could fix all these issues. She discovered Donorbox on She’s the First’s campaign.

She had finally landed on a solution that would solve all her fundraising pain points.

One-Stop-Shop Fundraising

  • Donation reports and advanced analytics.
  • Option for donors to cover the processing fee.
  • Intuitive and easy campaign creator.
  • Global payment gateways, wallets, and bank transfers.
  • Multiple fundraising campaigns
  • Personalized and hands-on technical support.

“We had so many fundraising buckets that we needed one service. We were looking for a one-stop-shop solution that would let them accept payments from Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other payment options.”.

Donorbox’s reporting feature helps Maya’s Hope allocate funds for various fundraisers. Their business model involves having multiple individual fundraising campaigns, and not a single million-dollar fundraising campaign. Donorbox makes it easy for them to create multiple fundraising pages.

Form step 1Form step 2Form step 3

Humanized Customer Support


“Donorbox seems to care that we are their clients and I feel like it's been the experience since day one. I find they have amazing customer service. I feel like I'm part of Donorbox like a family. Anytime we have an issue, the support team is incredible. They're able to move issues forward, a knowledgable support and sales team like Donorbox is worth its weight in gold.”

Maya Rowencak Crauderueff

Founder and President, Maya’s Hope

Before using Donorbox, Maya’s team struggled with slow customer service on other platforms. Their issues took several days to be picked up and weeks to resolve in some cases. At Donorbox there is always a team member who is committed to answer their questions and providing them with solutions.

Customized Tax Letters

“Donorbox really lets you customize the tax letters to look almost identical to what we issue, it saves us a lot of time especially when there are smaller donations. The automation is really great! We do not want to ignore our donors because they’re giving $5. We feel like it’s important to touch our donors, many of them appreciate it.”

When it came to sending custom tax letters to all donors, Donorbox’s functionality to issue automatic tax letters was a huge advantage for Maya’s Hope.

Sharing her earlier experience, Maya said, “GoFundMe Charity and CrowdRise had their own tax letters but technically, it was a third party where there wasn’t a processing system. They were like a registered nonprofit. So we couldn’t send our donors tax letters mentioning the donations to Maya’s Hope.”

Intuitive Interface for Lean Nonprofits

“There's hardly even a need for training. It's so intuitive to use.”

Maya’s Hope run multiple fundraisers on its website. With so many programs in the works, it is necessary to have something that helps save their time and gets the work done fast.

Maya’s Hope brought their Ukraine Emergency Campaign under the spotlight with peer-to-peer fundraising.

Peer to Peer campaign

Peer-to-peer Success & The $1,000,000 Fundraising Goal

Maya’s Hope brought their Ukraine Emergency Campaign to public attention with peer-to-peer fundraising. With so many of their supporters already committed to supporting Maya's Hope in Ukraine Aid, peer-to-peer presented the perfect tool. Together with 38 supporters they raised over $35,000, including a single donor gift of $6,000, a remarkable amount from a fundraiser!


“The peer-to-peer functionality is really nice and easy to use. It seems that from both sides - for the fundraisers and for us. It was an easy decision for us to activate the peer-to-peer feature and the donations just started coming in! It’s very nice that you can approve all ‘peer’ fundraising campaigns before they go live and people can edit and make them their own. We have a lot of campaigns running at any one time, we can quickly edit, duplicate and add updates to the fundraisers and this is really helpful for us.”

Maya Rowencak Crauderueff

Founder and President, Maya’s Hope

Peer-to-peer campaigns offer a personal connection, so anyone who feels passionately about a cause can put their name to it and get their network to donate. Maya's Hope encouraged their donors, board members and heavy supporters to join their campaign.

Donorbox peer-to-peer fundraising has allowed them to set their largest fundraising goal ever! They are raising $1M for their Ukraine Emergency Campaign.

Peer to Peer campaign

Features that stand out for Maya’s Hope

Maya’s Hope is benefitting greatly from some small but very useful functionalities that Donorbox offers. These include:

Processing Fee Coverage

Processing fees can take a significant cut from the donation. Asking donors to cover the processing fee makes donors aware of the fact that there's always a processing fee involved. More than 80 percent of the time, donors choose to cover the processing fees.

Processing Fee Coverage

International Donations

Maya’s Hope humanitarian work is spread across the globe. Donorbox covers over 44 currencies worldwide, helping them accept donations from their donors in Dubai, the UK, and other countries. Unlike other payment gateways, on Donorbox they can see the converted amount easily and have all important donor data.

International Donations


Moments on Donorbox notifies you of various donor activities so you can communicate more effectively with donors. With the help of this feature, Maya’s team is notified of when a recurring plan is canceled by a donor, which is a red flag. They reach out to these donors to see if there’s anything they can do.


Campaign Visibility

Fundraising campaigns on Donorbox are easily searchable on Google and make your campaign easy to find. Maya Hope’s campaigns can be found with a simple Google search of the title of their campaign!

Campaign Visibility

Why choose Donorbox again?

Donorbox has taken a significant load off and simplified administrative tasks. With Donorbox, Maya’s Hope feels like a valued customer, “Donorbox gets better over time, I find.”, says Maya.

Maya’s Hope funds and facilitates emergency surgeries in Ukraine and the Philippines. In Ukraine, the surgeries themselves are quite often covered by the government however many of the other costs are not - medicines, consumables, metalware for orthopedic surgeries, and the shunts used in hydrocephalus surgeries. The Philippines on the other hand has socialized medicine but the charity ward may take five or more years depending on the case, and sadly, children are dying before they can get their needed surgery.

Maya’s Hope creates one fundraiser per child in need so donors can see their support in action. Visit their Ukraine Emergency Fund and other campaigns.

Listen to The Nonprofit Podcast Episode featuring Maya Crauderueff talking about the inspiration that drives her nonprofit.

Listen to The Nonprofit Podcast Episode featuring Maya Crauderueff talking about the inspiration that drives her nonprofit.Play

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