Protection Equipment for Farmworkers

This is an urgent call for help to protect farm workers from hazardous pesticide exposure and extreme weather conditions by providing them much needed and overdue PPE for the workplace. All farmworkers must have access to proper pesticide protection equipment to protect them from hazardous pesticide exposure.

Pesticide exposure has been an underlying issue in the farmworker community long before Covid. Pesticides provide pest control by poisoning them and unfortunately pesticides can also poison humans as well. Some people are more vulnerable than others to pesticide exposure. The success of this program became serious to us as we started looking deeper into the lives of farmworkers, we were shocked at the realization that farmworkers children are the most vulnerable to the exposure and many become sick from parents walking into the home with their outside work clothes covered in pesticide residue. Farmworkers are NOT supplied with PPE for the workplace like many other labor forces are for the safety of their workers. Farmworkers are forced to wear their own clothing from home and any type of protective gear is NOT provided by their employers. It should be DEMANDED that farmworkers get the proper pesticide protection they deserve. They already get the lowest wages in America and little to no access to affordable health care, why should they have to provide their own safety equipment?

And this is where you can help, our goal is to protect as many farm workers as possible with your donations. We do have a starting goal of 1,000 farmworkers. Each will receive a hazmat suit, a pair of work gloves, eye protective goggles, pesticide resistant mask and work boots . The boots are important so they do not enter their homes with their inside shoes covered in pesticide dirt. The cost of fully protecting one farmworker is $100.

Pesticide exposure amongst farm workers is a serious issue of an environmental injustice. If you’re worried about eating a piece of fruit with pesticide residue on it remember that farm workers are exposed to pesticides all year long for more than 8 hours a day, every day, without ways to avoid the pesticide exposure, and without having a say in pesticide regulations. On top of it all, remember pesticide exposure weakens the respiratory system, nervous system, and immune system causing serious COVID-19 risks amongst farmworkers.

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