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Project Ranger is an emergency source of funding to support those on the front-lines of conservation and allow monitoring and anti-poaching efforts to continue. Crucially, for BirdLife International, as well as supporting the protection of some of conservation’s iconic species such as elephants, rhinos and gorillas, Project Ranger recognises the special connection between vultures and rangers. So, identifying an opportunity to make momentous advances in vulture conservation, BirdLife International entered into partnership with Project Ranger earlier this year.

This initiative has come at a significant time as BirdLife looks to further its scope in addressing other threats to vultures. For a long time, we have been tackling the accidental poisoning of vultures via use of agricultural veterinary drugs, and we continue to celebrate breakthroughs such as country-wide bans on diclofenac and the new intergovernmental resolution targeting the use of these drugs that was announced earlier this year. But now, with mass vulture deaths reaching record numbers at the hands of poachers, our concern has risen over the deliberate killing of these birds. Sentinel poisoning is an especially tough threat to crack and something that will require widespread, interorganisational collaboration. 

Project Ranger, with its links to several African countries where poaching is prevalent, therefore presents a real opportunity to make progress in tackling this threat. Working with Project Ranger, we hope to raise the profile of vultures in relation to poaching and share our experience from across the Partnership to ensure that their survival is incorporated into anti-poaching efforts moving forward.

Learn more about Project Ranger here.

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