Project Hiu


Join The Crew

By becoming a 'Crew Member' you will be creating a better tomorrow for our oceans and all future generations to come. 

Your Investment 

1 - Educating existing and developing generations of shark fishermen on opportunities presented by eco-tourism.

2 - Improving health care and living conditions through investing in regional facilities and systems. 

3 -  Funding sustainable projects that provide new income opportunities to existing fishermen and their families, this in-tern prevents the fishing and exploitation of sharks, i.e. (waste initiative, tourism). 

Project Potty

By joining 'The Crew' today you will become a part of this chapter of changes.

 - Improve hygiene and safety of our fishermen and their families. 

Build equipped and functioning toilet block

Reduce existing health risks, such as; cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, ascariasis, and schistosomiasis. 

Education Programs

Education is the underlining foundation for implementing longterm change. Project Hiu aims to educate future generations on; sustainable business practice, entrepreneurship and language. For this to be possible we will require a full time English teacher at the school.   

$15 USD  = 1hr lesson$65 USD = 1 week of lesson's |

$200 USD = 1 month of lesson's       

Waste Management Program

A major issue amongst the community is  waste management, as seen in the image (below). Project Hiu is investing into funding waste initiatives and weekly garbage collections. 

Objective: Reduce harmful plastics entering our oceans and spread of bacterial diseases


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This donation page is directly linked to The Hooper Collective, a registered non-for-profit organisation. Your contribution will help aid the development of this project and the shark fishing community in which we work with. 

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      Donor Wall109

      abbie cag shots | $338

      NNIstudio | $118.63

      Cara | $25/M

      Thank you for everything you do! Such an inspiration! Watching Madison swim with sharks on you tube 2 years ago changed my life in many ways! Went from hating and fearing sharks, to freediving with them last December, and donating money to adopt sharks, help HIU, and other conservation outlets. I love sharks and want everyone in the world to know what they do for our planet!!

      Kylie Maguire | A$100

      Thank you and all your team for everything you do. I love watching the momentum of this project.

      Bindia Hallauer


      Deckel | $5/M

      Bartolucci, LLC | $50

      Kathrin Eder | $5/M

      Laurinda | A$7/M

      Continue making the differences that we don’t see, but make the biggest impact

      Karsten | $50

      You are doing an amazing job and we at Plastic Fischer admire your work. I would love to employ some of those fishermen and make them "fisch for plastic" instead

      Stacy | $10/M

      Rebecca Loh | $25

      Well done in your conservation efforts to date. Its saddening to learn about the species decline at man’s hand, the severe impact we are having on our ecosystem. We all have a part to play.

      Gina | $10

      Thank you so much for the thinks you chance about this world! Really, every little difference matters. Even though I am currently not able to donate much, it is a tiny difference. But someday after school :D

      Sheridan | A$20

      Thank you for all that you do for the communities that you work with, and of course, the sharks that you work so tirelessly to protect 💙

      Famaraiso | $50

      Thank You for this great grasroots work! Hoping to join you soon for some sharkseeing with my family. LOVE @FAMARAISO

      Fernanda Prudencio | $50

      Your work is amazing. We need more people like you in this world. I wish i could help more. Thanks for being such an incredible team and tough women. What you do isn't easy and is even more admirable. My respects. WE NEED MORE SHARKS. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

      Christopher Hoppner | $150

      For the teacher whose son is stopping shark fishing. From one teacher to another, thank you for what you do for you students.

      Gillian Fischer | $200

      Keep up the great work Madi!

      Martin Taylor | $25/M

      The Tackleswap Inc | $25/M

      Lisa DAINTY | $25/M

      I have followed your work for a long time, and am so glad to be able support a small part of the amazing work that you do!

      Jodi | $100/M

      Thank you for everything you’re doing to save these beautiful animals and educate the communities and families that rely on shark fishing as an income.

      Adam | A$50

      Jill | $200

      Thank you and all involved for peacefully and respectfully bringing about positive and essential change. You all are making this planet a better place. Thank you

      Stacey | A$50

      I just saw your recent IG story on how you offered to pay the shark fisherman tuition fees to keep his boat out of the water. Here’s to the shark fishing stopping at his generation.

      Shannon Kuczerepa | $50


      Finding viable sustainable alternatives that provide hope and a future for our oceans and those who have no choice is what I love about your work Pip. Keep on keeping on!! We are cheering for you every step of the way and can’t wait to visit Lombok again. Xx

      Nat | $37/M

      Hayden Lee | A$68

      Bringing this world to a better place ❤️