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By becoming a 'Crew Member' you will be creating a better tomorrow for our oceans and all future generations to come. 

Your Investment 

1 - Educating existing and developing generations of shark fishermen on opportunities presented by eco-tourism.

2 - Improving health care and living conditions through investing in regional facilities and systems. 

3 -  Funding sustainable projects that provide new income opportunities to existing fishermen and their families, this in-tern prevents the fishing and exploitation of sharks, i.e. (waste initiative, tourism). 

Project Potty

By joining 'The Crew' today you will become a part of this chapter of changes.

 - Improve hygiene and safety of our fishermen and their families. 

Build equipped and functioning toilet block

Reduce existing health risks, such as; cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, ascariasis, and schistosomiasis. 

Education Programs

Education is the underlining foundation for implementing longterm change. Project Hiu aims to educate future generations on; sustainable business practice, entrepreneurship and language. For this to be possible we will require a full time English teacher at the school.   

$15 USD  = 1hr lesson$65 USD = 1 week of lesson's |

$200 USD = 1 month of lesson's       

Waste Management Program

A major issue amongst the community is  waste management, as seen in the image (below). Project Hiu is investing into funding waste initiatives and weekly garbage collections. 

Objective: Reduce harmful plastics entering our oceans and spread of bacterial diseases


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This donation page is directly linked to The Hooper Collective, a registered non-for-profit organisation. Your contribution will help aid the development of this project and the shark fishing community in which we work with. 

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      Donor Wall48

      DaKiwiCat | $100

      Thank you so much for all you are doing. You are awe inspiring. Thank you to those who helped contribute to this donation! Here’s hoping we can keep giving in the future!

      Yihong | $30

      Thank you for your efforts and also say hi to coral12g for me

      Jonn christie

      Joris Kemp | $50

      Dean Butcher | A$25


      There are few things I love more than the Oceans and Indonesia. Thank you for doing what you are doing.

      Primal Meats | $10/M

      Madison Ashley USA | $50

      Kirstin | A$50

      Will | $5/M

      Brooks McLaren | $50

      Caysi | $5/M

      Andrew Quinlan | $50

      Thank you for everything you do and exposing the truth about the current state of our planet and the effects western civilization has on the rest of the world

      Jason | A$20

      ArtBanannie | $170

      Dear Project Hiu team, Thank you for the holistic environmental justice approach that this org takes to not only conserve sharks but--importantly--also uplift the local communities and find sustainable alternatives for them. That nuanced perspective is something that is often painfully missing from typical eco narratives. I am committed to donating 10% of my modest income from my ocean-themed art prints to this wonderful cause. Cheers, Annie

      Wild blackthorn | C$100

      Juliette Fraser | $230

      To Madison and the team, you are my absolute heroes. Thank you for the incredible work you do both for the sharks and the communities. I hope to work with sharks and do something similar one day.

      Silvia | $10

      Thank you for all the efforts and work you do for sharks, the environment, health, and communities <3

      Ivy | A$10

      Merry Christmas Project Hiu! Keep fighting for our beautiful sharks. Love Ivy Hope - a 15 month old from Melbourne.

      Sprinkles Bake Shop on Etsy | $10

      This donation was made possible thanks to the purchase of a “Helpling” sculpture by a wonderful customer.

      Lukas | $10


      Happy Birthday Hays

      J, the Ocean & Me

      Nicole Kupfer | $50

      Joanne | $35/M

      Thank you Madison, may your work continue to grow exponentially.


      Kokoh&Koi | A$200

      Saya tingal di Indonesia banyak kali. Di sana, saya bermain di ombak and kerja dengan orang-orang cantik. Project Hui is a small way to say a big thanks to the love Indonesia has taught me. Happy Birthday Shark Girl Madison xxx

      Tattoo Ranch | $1,000

      Dryw | $10

      Alexandra | $70

      I found the money on the street - your projects can make better use of it than me!