Prehistoric Suffolk






Do you have a burning interest in history and archaeology? If you can’t join us for our Prehistoric Suffolk research project, then why not donate? Your donations will go towards our continuing efforts to research the history and archaeology of sites across the UK, and beyond.

The research we provide helps us understand the prehistoric landscape of Suffolk greater than ever before! We can learn how people lived and worked, their diets and lifestyles, how they hunted and farmed, and so much more. But we need your help. To carry out this project, we need equipment. This ranges from your basic excavation tools (trowels, spades, shovels etc.), to surveying equipment (like GPS), and geophysics. Every penny counts and even the smallest amount will help us fund the necessities to explore the fascinating prehistoric landscape of Suffolk.

This is YOUR history, your archaeology, and your heritage. Please help us so that together we can explore and better understand how Suffolk was almost 3,000 years ago! There is a wealth of Bronze Age archaeology beneath our feet, and with a donation to Past to Present’s research, you too can help us find out more. We hope to see you around, and we can’t wait to share our results with you!

Thank you! :)

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