Medication needed for chicken pox

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* For privacy reason we deleted the name of the kids and only have their number and are not posting their pictures.

** 4,000/= UGX is approximately 1 euro

Letter from our project manager Susan Laker, 22STARS Kampala:

Dear friends, we kindly request that you support us to treat these families and support them with necessary needs and more soap and clean water, because these families are suffering from pox. 

We already treated child number 50  and number 15  in March, but other families were not treated, so these kids recontracted the infection from the families. And this time it is worse, we have isolated them and request that we add them soap and clean water, since their parents are poor and only live hand to mouth. During the 4-month long Covid-19 lockdown they were unable to work and they only survived on food and soap provided by the 22Stars organization. Since they also don't have toilets anymore (these collapsed beginning of the year and we started a fundraiser for it as well) many more families are getting contaminated with dirty water, which is flowing from the bush - where they go as a toilet - and the kids use this water for bathing and play in it, so they get all these diseases from the dirty water, which is contaminated with the human waste, since they don't have toilets and clean running water.

I request that this time, we treat all the families affected,  so that we end this at once, because if we only treat our 22STARS children and they still go back and mix with their other family members, they will recontract the pox again. Each person's treatment costs 185,000/= UGX  (45,- euro) making 5,735,000/= UGX (1395,- euro) for 31 people. 

And also I request that we provide all  22Stars children in Kampala with more soap, which is 7,000/= (1,80 euro) for 2 bars of soap, so for 219 kids that is 1,533,000 /= UGX (395,- euro). And I also request that we provide the 22STARS families with 6 jerricans of clean water per day, that is 120 liters of water, which will bring our monthly water bill estimation to 700,000/= UGX (170,- euro) at least for one month.

We are hoping that in September the situation may have stabilized and they will open most of the jobs within the factories, constructions and arcades, where these parents will start going to look for work.  If not, they will go back to work in the stone quarries and will start earning their small amounts of money for survival and others will start selling beads and fruits on the roads to also earn some little money. Right now KCCA (local police) still forbids selling of beads on the streets and also we lack tourists, who have always supported the women by buying their beads on the streets. We kindly request for your support to these families and communities.

We are very grateful that we still have food and sugar that we received in June. Thank you very much

These are pictures of kids number 9 , number 51, number 6, number 50, number 48 , number 49 plus 5 housemates and their grandmother, number 15 with his family, number 2 and his 2 brothers and mother, number 142 and her family, number 419, number 144, number 187, number 54, number 132 and her parents plus 5 housemates. Making the total number of people who need treatment 31.

Thank you,

Susan Laker;

Project manager 22STARS Kampala

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    Please split the 8000 euro donation over the Toilet Project, The Meals Project and to pay for the medication of the sick children.

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