People of Colour Crossing Oceans Wellness Retreat






Project: People of Colour Crossing Oceans (POCCO)
Cause Type: Wellness and Travel Retreat
Target: Youth and Young Adults of Colour

About Us
We are adventurers at heart with a commitment to making positive impacts in the lives of young People of Colour within the community.

Our Cause
People of Colour Crossing Oceans is a grass root movement ran for the people by the people, aimed at bringing wellness & mental health to marginalized youth and young adults of colour aged 18-35. This is achieved by introduction to international travel & adventure by way of sailing expeditions across oceans. The aim is to invite notable youth and young adults that has stood out in the community on a voyage that will impart to them a deeper sense of community, and appreciation for culture, environmental concerns, and energy sustainability all while still teaching them transferable skills on this voyage.

How this benefits the community
The highlight of our wellness retreats for People of Colour is the ability for them to travel between continents to destinations rich in history and culture while learning valuable interpersonal transferable skills. We strongly believe that love and compassion is the way to a better and more harmonious world, and worldly travel and community is the supplemental vitamin to reclaim our humanity.

The Moral of it all
Some of our project’s key components induce community building activities designed to develop and strengthen skill sets such as navigation plotting, food prep, fishing, boating, basic survival training, on shore camping, environmental preservation, resource provisioning, problem solving, hiking, language and cultural awareness and appreciation by way of navigating foreign cities, islands and towns.

Our Impact on the project
The skill sets of our project team members includes skilled sailors, rock climbing instructors, scuba diving instructors, fishing, hiking, and camping guides, first aid trained personnel, cooks and personal support workers.

How your donation helps
Your help is crucial to our project, with donations steadily building towards our goal we will be able to acquire a used sailboat for the purpose of our projects. The rest of the donations that add to the goal’s amount is purposed for refits to the used sailboat to support the youth of colour on multi week cross ocean voyages. Such refits include but are not limited to new sails, boat mast and rigging, navigational equipment, additional boat repairs and preparation of blue water capabilities, and life supporting systems such as but not limited to water makers, solar and wind turbine for energy efficiency and the replacement of the diesel engine for an electric one for the purpose of reducing our carbon footprint to near zero.

It’s our hope to acquire a vessel by the start of 2021 for the purpose of refitting, and start our first voyage with youth of colour by the summer of 2022 latest. Your donations help us to achieve our collective objectives and complete the phases necessary to bring this project launch.

Phase 1: Establishing our online presence - $0.00/$2000.00
The design and building of our cause website and social media presence.

Phase 2: Building Awareness for The Issue - $2000.00/$5000.00
During this phase we look to use social media ads and other marketing campaigns to drive awareness of just how systemic racism, white privilege and the marginalization of other minority groups from people of colour to the LGBTQ community has a crippling effect on mental health.

Phase 3: Acquisition of certification for team members - $20,000.00/60,000.00
Sailing in international waters with a crew and passengers (honorary guests of colour) requires more than just local licensing and certifications, for this we look to update all the required licensing and registrations needed of our team for future voyages to insure our crew and honorary  guest are both safe and compliant with international laws.

Phase 4: Milestone Marker - $100,000.00/$200,000.00
When acquiring a used vessel, most times buyers go through brokers which require an offer submission along with a deposit. This milestone officially puts us in the market for acquiring a vessel.

Phase 5: Vessel Acquisition - $1,000,000.00/$2,500,000.00
By this point in our campaign we are well on our way to a successful project and closer to our first voyage of marginalized youth and young adults.

Phase 6: Refits - $3,000,000.00/$3,300,00.00
At this equally important juncture within our fundraising campaign we begin refitting the vessel with sails, water makers, solar power, hi-tech navigational equipment, marine radio transmitters, satellite internet and other instruments to ensure continuous safe voyages.

Phase 7: Preparation to cast the lines - $3,400,000.00/$3,758,000.00
During this point we are ready to set sail with our first honorary guest, but first liability insurance, provision for voyages such as food, medicine and safety equipment. This portion of the funds will allow for a minimum of 7 years of previsions on the next voyages within that time.

After Goal Acquisition
Funds that continue to come in long after our financial goal is reached will help with fixed reoccurring costs such as but not limited to docking fees, clearance of ports and immigration, food provisions along each passage, boat repairs and maintenance projects and miscellaneous expenses.

How do I follow along?
Included in the miscellaneous budgeting for this project is provisions for a website and camera equipment to keep updates of our every step progress streaming not just here on our project campaign page but also on our website (website coming soon). With satellite internet on the vessel as mentioned in phase 6 our supporters will be able to follow the travels of each passage when we set sail.

We believe at the core of every youth of colour is the potential to achieve greatness once given the chance to expand their imagination through travel and adventure.

Donate, Share, Inspire and help us make a difference in this world.

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