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At the top of Johnson's government is a Singapore-on-Thames free for all where investors can come so long as they have the money, but the overseas workers who provide day-to-day services will find their route to Britain shut off, Luke Reader explained this week in PMP.

The people at the top of government are giving a good impression of being fervently convinced of the rightness of their cause. Will the government’s current position survive a no deal situation? It will be and should be severely tested, The Columnist added.

Brexit trade deal negotiations will begin next month and it is important that we keep a very close eye on the way this government deals with workers' rights, food standards, and other level playing fields the EU insists the UK must keep.

At PMP, as a pro-European magazine, we will continue to scrutinise and fact-check the UK Government in Brexit Britain, especially as it also starts to question the independence of the judiciary. Separation of powers is an essential principle of our democracy. We must protect it!

And at a time when fake news, alternative facts and dubious claims have made reporting news more challenging than ever, it is essential that accurate, fact-based journalism exists with truth and decency at its heart.

Now is not the time to give up the fight against populist politicians who promise the moon, the sun and the stars, whilst aiming at subverting and destroying citizens' rights and democracy in the UK with their powerful, wealthy, lobby-funded bulldozers.

As they use every trick in the book to reach or remain in power, independent journalism is today more important than ever to spot their manoeuvres and trickeries.

However, we only have 100 days to be able to continue to fact-check, scrutinise, challenge and hold the powerful to account. The deadline for us to reach our crowdfunding goal is 2 MAY 2020.

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The need for credible news is more relevant now than ever before to help our readers make fully-informed decisions in future elections.

At PMP Magazine, our mission is to provide our readers with a FREE political public service.

By supporting us, you show you recognise and value our work.

By supporting us, you ensure that everyone has access to our engaging, sometimes challenging news and analyses.


By donating to PMP, you are directly supporting our journalism.

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- give a voice to the unheard and the voiceless;
- fact-check claims from politicians on all sides of the political spectrum;
- challenge the populist politicians' misguiding claims, hidden agenda and irrelevant information designed to intentionally mislead the public;
- and hold Number 10 to account on everything from Brexit, Social Inequality, Poverty, the NHS, Mental Health, Education, Citizens' Rights, Workers' Rights, Women's Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Racism, Housing, to Pensions and Climate Change.

We also plan to launch a new app for our readers to engage more easily with our magazine from their portable devices.

However, WE ONLY HAVE 100 DAYS TO KEEP PMP MAGAZINE GOING so that we continue to fact-check, scrutinise and #HoldTHEMtoAccount.

The deadline for us to reach our crowdfunding goal is 2 MAY 2020.

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With PMP Magazine, no billionaire owner, no biased agenda, but a grassroots journalism that offers factual stories about Brexit, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, the European Union, Climate Change, the rise of populism and nationalism, or Russia’s interference in the world’s politics.

We rely on small donations from our supporters to keep PMP Magazine editorially independent. With your help, we can continue to hold power to account and challenge populist politicians’ misguiding claims, lies and irrelevant information designed to intentionally mislead the electorate, because our mission is not to act as cheerleaders for any government or any political party, but to be a beacon of light amid the current political darkness.

We are looking towards expanding our work, offering a real evidence-based political and public service, FREE pro-European magazine to more readers every day. With your support, we can keep improving our magazine, publish more articles, and fight populism, nationalism and the fake stories out there with real ones...

This is why we have created this Crowdfunder with a goal we must reach by 2 MAY 2020.


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Thank you.

The Team at PMP Magazine.

To inform and educate to make a social impact. After Brexit and Trump, it is now time to fight back and stand up for truth and facts, or our ability to make informed decisions will be forever compromised.

We believe in social equality, equal opportunity, the promotion of individual abilities and talents, social responsibility, universal healthcare, workers rights, entrepreneurship, fair market competition, consumer rights, human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, equal pay, access to education and culture for all, the prohibition of child labour, the fight against racism and antisemitism, and in the fight against global warming.

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