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We believe that efficiency is the enemy of trust. 

PMP Magazine provides its readers with the news not when it is breaking, but real stories when it is ready, when we are confident that someone or something is worthy of our trust and worthy of our readers’ trust.

Our magazine provides our readers with a real evidence-based political and public service that has long been abandoned by the mainstream media and we are tirelessly fighting fake stories with real ones.

Our magazine is open to experts, bloggers and everyone who wants to share their stories and their experience with our readers.

To help us spread facts, not fiction or lies, you can support our magazine with a contribution. Every donation goes towards improving our magazine and informing our readers better.

To keep PMP Magazine editorially independent and keep it available without a paywall to all our readers, we have launched a Premium-Membership Crowdfunder as, sadly, without new donations the magazine cannot continue.

Please help us keep PMP Magazine going with a direct contribution and keep our magazine fact-checking politicians' claims and lies... Chip in today with as little as £500.

We are looking towards expanding our work, offering a real evidence-based political and public service, FREE pro-European magazine to more readers every day. With your support, we can keep improving our magazine, publish more articles, and fight populism, nationalism and the fake stories out there with real ones...

Thank you.

The Team at PMP Magazine.

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