Please help the Chicago Alliance for Animals ban horse carriages & elect compassionate Aldermen!

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        The Chicago Alliance for Animals (CAA) has been working hard reaching out to and meeting with candidates running for Chicago's City Council and we want Aldermen who care about those without a voice and those who will sign CAA's Endorsement Pledge to ban horse carriages in Chicago.

        I'm writing you today to ask you to consider signing up to be a regular (weekly/monthly/quarterly) donor to CAA.  Of course, don't take my word for it, but please visit CAA's Facebook page to see how much work we are doing daily to ban horse carriages, elect compassionate officials and create a kinder Chicago.  If you think our work and active campaigns are important, please help us.

        CAA is an all volunteer, grassroots organization.  No one gets paid and I do the majority of the work out of my one bedroom apartment, while working a full time job.  In addition to documenting horse carriage violations on a regular basis, we testify almost every month at Chicago’s City Council meeting, which entails arriving at City Hall at 7 am to be sure we are among the first 10 people allowed to address the Mayor and Aldermen at 10 am.  The Aldermen are starting to take notice.  In fact, I recently received a phone call from an Alderman, who is seeking an investigation into a slaughterhouse in her Ward, due to our photo and video documentation.

        Because of our Daily Action Alerts (DAA's) and routine video documentation of horses being overworked, underwatered and worked in extreme temperatures, which constitutes many twelve hour days being camped out near the horse carriage stand along with dealing with disgusting behavior from carriage drivers, we almost banned horse carriages last September.  One Alderman blocked the vote and because of her, the ordinance was not allowed the chance to be voted on again.  We won't be deterred though, as we plan to ban them this year!

        Here are just a few more reasons why we hope you will consider becoming a regular donor to our very dedicated organization:


        1)      The issue is no longer about how people feel about the activity.  Due to CAA's documentation, Chicago’s three horse carriage companies racked up 334 violations and more than $20,000 worth of fines in 2017 alone, yet they continue to violate the law.



        * Horses worked in cold, wet, snowy, windy conditions 1/12/19
        * At least 1 horse overworked & other violations on 12/15/18
        * At least four horses overworked & other violations on the weekend of Dec. 1 & 2, 2018
        * At least six horses overworked and other violations on 11/24/18
        * Horses overworked and other violations on 10/27/18
        * 1 horse was worked approximately 13 hours on 10/13/18, which is more than double what the law allows
        * Horses overworked on 9/22/18
        * Horses overworked and other violations on 9/15/18
        * At least 14 violations on 9/1/18, including 8 horses overworked
        * Horses worked when too hot on 8/26/18
        * Horses worked when too hot on 8/5/18
        * Horses worked when too hot on 8/4/18

        3)      There is no doubt that 1000+ pound prey animals, who spook easily, working in a very busy, loud and chaotic environment is a recipe for disaster.  One just needs to look at the almost weekly serious and deadly horse carriage accidents around the world, including several in Chicago, to know how truly dangerous this unnecessary activity is.

        4)       After the three carriage companies settled with the City over the summer and paid only a fraction of what they should have owed, all three are refusing to follow the conditions of those agreements and not one has submitted the required log books from Aug. 1 - Dec. 1, which was a condition of their settlements.  Yet, the City renewed all three companies' licenses.

        5)      Horse carriage licenses generate less than $11,000 in revenue.  Small businesses are great, but not when they flagrantly disregard Chicago’s laws and put people and animals in harm’s way.


        6)      At least twenty eight Aldermen, 175+ businesses (with thousands, if not millions, of followers) and more than 16,000 individuals (from signed, growing petitions) now support the progressive ban on horse carriages.  

        7)      This is a great way to support our campaign!  The numbers above illustrate that the majority of society no longer approves of animals exploited in the name of entertainment and many voters care about animal protection issues.   November’s election proved once again just how much the public cares about animals. Voters in Florida overwhelmingly voted to ban greyhound racing and the inhumane conditions and weekly deaths that accompany it and voters in California voted to better protect animals used for food.

        The Chicago Alliance for Animals, with our 1000+ members, will network with Chicago's very large animal protection community to try and elect compassionate leaders who respond to concerned citizens.

        Thank you very much again for your time and consideration, and I hope we can count on you to help CAA become a bigger and more successful organization, so we can help more animals and implement more humane laws.


        Jodie Wiederkehr

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