"Plant Powered Kamala": Plant-based Leadership for a Plant-based Economy

The JIVINITI Coalition urges the U.S. leadership to consider a move towards a Plant-based Economy and use Plant-based Nutrition Guidance to address the coronavirus pandemic and the shadow pandemics of food insecurity, chronic illness, structural inequalities and climate change.

We are a group of women representing evidence based nutrition science, medical science, grassroots lifestyle change advocacy, social justice, food insecurity and hunger organizations.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an anthropogenic time-bomb that has been ticking away for some time now. It has our economic and social structures imploding upon us; a macroscopic meltdown of historic proportions, with "Industrialized Animal Production" at the very nucleus of it.

A plant-based economy is the answer. It starts with a plant-based leadership. Or, at the very least a plant-aware leadership. Our campaign is dedicated to the mission of plant-based nutrition education, uplifting our BIPOC communities - especially Women of Color and creating a platform where conversations of change can take place - with scientific, evidence-based and ethical underpinnings.

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