Saving Nature

How Saving Nature grew revenue using targeted campaigns

$1.5 million +
Funds Raised
18 +
Campaigns Created

The challenge

Needing targeted campaigns to scale

Saving Nature’s supporters don’t all care equally about the same issues. While some people are interested in offsetting their carbon footprint, others care deeply about the survival of threatened species.

Saving Nature needed to run campaigns that appeal personally to different groups of people.

The challenge

The solution

18 project-based campaigns and counting

Saving Nature has run over 18 different campaigns on Donorbox. It’s been super easy for them to create a new campaign for each project. Plus, they are able to track and manage donations across all their campaigns with built-in reporting tools.

Saving Nature receives donations in multiple currencies and with Donorbox, they can accept 47 currencies worldwide - eliminating any roadblocks for their international supporters.

The solution

The result

Higher revenue thanks to donor cultivation

Saving Nature raised $1,518,440 across their 18 campaigns.

"We love Donorbox for its features and what it can do to cultivate supporters.” We were doing much more than just saving species. The work we were doing to restore the worlds forests was bringing mental justice to people that are suffering from environmental destruction and also fighting climate change. We needed a donation tool that could help us accept online donations and take care of all steps of the donor journey, including donation receipts and communications.”'
Erin Willigan, Executive DirectorErin Willigan, Executive Director
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How you can use Donorbox the same way

  1. Your donors can select to support the projects they are passionate about on your Donorbox forms.
  2. You can run unlimited campaigns simultaneously.
  3. Your donors get easy access to give again quickly in the Donor Portal, and each receives a tax-exempt donation receipt automatically.

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