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Pair industry-leading fundraising software with a top-of-the-line CRM to reach and engage your donors on a new level.

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Donorbox + Bloomerang

What is Bloomerang?

Bloomerang is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that brings tools, resources, and donors together in one place. Through Bloomerang, you can manage households, refunds, relationships, notes, interactions, tributes, and more! They aim to enable you to spend less time on admin and more time doing what you do best - helping others.

What is Bloomerang?

Use Donorbox + Bloomerang to:

  • Quickly and effortlessly sync all donor and gift information in one organized location.
  • Segment your data to customize your messaging and better engage donors.
  • Create integrated marketing campaigns with emails, direct mail, surveys, and more, all in a single platform.
  • Track the success of your campaigns with detailed, easy-to-use reporting tools.
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How to integrate Donorbox + Bloomerang

It’s simple to begin mapping data between Donorbox and Bloomerang with Zapier - no code needed! Simply click the button below and follow the steps to start sending donor information directly to your Bloomerang CRM account.

For previous donor data, you can easily download a CSV file from Donorbox and load it directly to Bloomerang.

Connect Donorbox and Bloomerang
How to integrate Donorbox + Bloomerang

How to integrate Donorbox + Zapier

Need to start by integrating Donorbox with Zapier? Follow the steps in the short video below or read through these detailed instructions on Zapier.


To integrate Donorbox with Bloomerang, you’ll need to first activate the Zapier add-on in your Donorbox dashboard. You will also be required to have an active Bloomerang account.

Zapier add-on


The Zapier add-on allows you to connect Bloomerang and Donorbox. Learn more about Zapier.

Bloomerang has several pricing plans based on the number of records you need to store. Learn more about Bloomerang pricing.

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Donorbox Premium

The Zapier Integration can be included in your customized Premium plan, based on your needs. Learn more about Premium perks.

Bloomerang fees are not included in Donorbox Premium.

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Additional resources

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