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Your help is needed!

Dogs are family and deserve to be buckled up in the car.  Not in just any seatbelt though - a Center for Pet Safety CERTIFIED seatbelt!  Only 5 brands of dog car safety restraints have actually PASSED the crash testing, and pet parents need to know.  

Why is this so important?  Because dogs are lost, injured and killed in car crashes.

Dogs like Piper.

Piper was a chocolate lab who lived for adventure with her mom.  Always out exploring a lake, a new city, going for crazy long walks in different parks, taking road trips, etc.  Basically, the car was their second home.

But Piper was never buckled up in the car, and one day a teenage driver slammed right into them.  Piper was thrown into the back of Mom's seat, broke her back and was paralyzed.  She was in so much pain, and the vet couldn't help her...Piper and Mom said goodbye that night.

Now, P.Suanpan, Piper's Mom, educates dog parents about dog seatbelt safety, so they don't have to go through what she and Piper did.  That's what Piper's Walk is for!  To spread awareness and get dogs buckled up in certified seatbelts, so they can be safe in case of a car crash.

But the other thing that's needed?  Funding.  Money for year-round dog seatbelt education, because car crashes happen all the time, and are unpredictable.  People need to be in the know!

You can help.  This Piper's Walk-a-Thon, we're walking 500,000 steps.  That's 500,000 steps forward for dog seatbelt safety!  Will you pledge a penny a step?

Piper's mom now runs Dogs Ride Certified, which provides car safety webinars, a Riding Certified magazine, dog seatbelt clinics (coming back!), brochures in dog-friendly places, and builds partnerships with community organizations to get dogs traveling safely in cars. 

But, your help is needed.  

The goal is to raise $5000 to keep these programs going and expand! The more people know about dog seatbelt safety, the more dog lives are saved.  

Could you please pledge a penny a step to save a live?

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Will you pledge a penny a step? Our goal is to walk 500,000 steps!

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      Debra Ekman | $156.07

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      Thanks for bringing pet safety to everyone’s attention - we are very happy to know that our Bear is safe in the car!

      Paweenudh | $104.15