Patient Transport Flights - Will You Help?

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    Mission Flight provides flights for patients in need in the U.S. - with in the South West.
    Most of these flights are for children undergoing chemo therapy or are immunocompromised, making commercial flights impossible.
    These patients and their families are screened through a partner organization and "qualify" based on financial need and medical need.
    Mission Flight is not reimbursed in part or in full for these flights.  They are completely free of charge for these families who are facing significant trials, both medically and financially.  We depend solely and completely on our generous financial partners.  There is no way that we could ever afford to keep doing these flights with out your support.

    Will You Help Us Help Them?

    Through your regular generous tax deductible support, Mission Flight is able to schedule these flights ahead of time.  Without you, we are not able to provide this vital and important ministry.  The Cherokee 6 that we typically fly on these missions costs $172 per flight hour, and a typical Medical Transport Flight is 4 - 6 flight hours.

    Will you consider making ONE HOUR possible?

    Will you consider making ONE FLIGHT possible?


    ** If you are a pilot and interested in flying with us, please go to

    for more info or our website at