Providing Milk for Orphaned Babies






When a baby loses their most precious person their Mum, for many babies in poorer communities in Tanzania the baby is left unable to get the milk they need.

Imagine going into a shop and 1 tin of formula costs your entire week's salary. Imagine then knowing the baby needs two tins a week to get the nutrition they need.

1 week is £14

1 month £ 56

To feed 1 baby until they are weaned is £460

Pamoja Leo helps babies to find or stay with a family; Grandma, Aunties, Neighbours or Foster Mums. Often Aunties or Grandmas come to us desperate holding a 1-month old baby who is quickly losing weight.

When incredible Women step in to take on the role of Mum we believe we should do all it takes to ensure they have the resources they need to be the best Mama possible. We do not want babies to be abandoned and made to be orphans again all because they could not afford the milk. We also know how babies suffer, if their family raises them without access to proper nutrition- no baby should know that hunger. 

This global pandemic has means that getting the quantity of milk we need to feed all the babies is becoming an issue. The milk is imported and due to shutdowns we need to secure a large supply

Your donations will allow us to buy enough milk to help us through the next 3 months So we can keep on saving lives and changing the system.

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      Donor Wall7

      Jacqueline | £42

      Got to hear about this through London Rock as part of the #givingtuesday double donation day.

      Barry | £25

      Sharon | £10

      I live in the US but am a UK taxpayer and happy to donate to this wonderful cause. A friend in the UK sent me the link. These poor babies, abandoned by their mothers have the worse start in life.

      Oliver Wood | £42

      Great work all. From Matilda Rose

      Hollie Edwin | £35

      Georgina | £3

      We were all little once and we all need that special someone to care! Happy to do my part!

      Pamoja | £614

      Transfer of funds raised from the Just Giving fundraising page.