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22 Million pounds of trash and plastic enters the Great Lakes each year. This doesn't even include the countless amount that is littered around our inland lakes, rivers and streams. 2021 has been a wild year; however, conservation of our freshwater resources is something we can all agree on and unite for.

The #OverboardCleanUp is an invitation to do your part in protecting Michigan's freshwater resources. It's a week-long cleanup effort that will last from September 5-11th.

If you love Michigan, then you understand what an amazing, unique and truly pure place this state is! Let's band together to keep it that way for generations to come. This is our home— if we don't protect it, then who will?

As you may already know, Michigan Overboard donates 21% of sales profits from its branded apparel line towards a portfolio of Michigan non-profit organizations focused on natural resources and watershed conservation. Through the #OverboardCleanUp, Michigan Overboard created another way for all the passionate, eco-friendly Michigan-lovers out there to help make a difference in their own communities. Oh, and you can win some awesome prizes along the way!

These are the 3 steps for you to participate in the #OverboardCleanUp: Act. Share. Celebrate.


Step 1) Act

During the week of September 5th, get out to your favorite outdoor area (beach, trail, park, etc.) and spend at least 15 minutes cleaning up trash! Bring a trash bag and gloves and get to work. Do it with your friends, family or just go out solo and enjoy nature! 

What if you're too busy and just can't get out during the week of the #OverboardCleanUp? 

No worries! Use this secure platform to donate a minimum of $5 that will go to our portfolio of Michigan non-profits fighting for freshwater conservation! This secure Donorbox donation platform will allow you to easily contribute with Paypal or credit card. Although it's just a tiny donation amount, we feel that the combined actions of many thoughtful, caring and responsible individuals will compound into something sizable. 100% of donations from the #OverboardCleanUp will be donated among local non-profit organizations right here in Michigan that work to protect our natural resources and watersheds including West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Huron Pines, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council and The Watershed Center at Grand Traverse Bay. 

Step 2) Share

Share your clean-up experience on social media! Help us spread awareness, advocate for freshwater protection and become eligible to win some amazing prizes! Take photos/videos of your clean-up efforts and then post them on your Instagram story or feed! Be sure to tag us (@michiganoverboard) and use our #OverboardCleanUp hashtag to be entered into the prize giveaway.

The cleanup effort lasts ALL WEEK, so that means you can earn eligible entries into the prize drawing each day that you participate. 

The winner will get a gift package from our awesome prize sponsors!

Stormcloud Brewing

Leelanau Wine Cellars

Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course 

What about those who donate? After you made your decision to contribute towards the conservation of this beautiful state, encourage the others in your life to follow your lead!

Post a photo to your Instagram story or feed that reflects your passion for Michigan and showing/stating that you made a donation! You can screenshot your donation receipt, post a photo of you vibing at the beach, a video boating with family, etc. Anything! Don't have any pictures of yourself? No Problem! Just post a photo of your favorite Michigan beach, lake, river or waterfall.  As long as you promote the #OverboardCleanUp and encourage others to participate/donate, you will be entered into the prize drawing!

REMEMBER: Before you share the photo to your story and/or feed...

- Tag some friends and challenge them to take action and participate in the challenge themselves.

- Use the #OverboardCleanUp hashtag to show your following that you're taking action to protect Michigan, and to display your post to our water-loving community. This is how we will see your post and enter you into the prize drawing! 

NOTE: If your account is "private" on Instagram, be sure to DM us your photos/videos so we can see it and get you entered for the prizes! We cannot see stories/posts from "private" accounts.

- Tag Michigan Overboard (@michiganoverboard) so others have somewhere to go to learn exactly how the challenge works. The links to this donation page and our website will be in our Instagram profile bio!

Still Confused? Check out our Instagram story throughout the week for some real-life examples of what an #OverboardCleanUp post will look like from some of our amazing participants!

Step 3) Celebrate

After you shared that you participated in the #OverboardCleanUp, it's time to feel good about what you've done! 

Not only did you make a direct impact with your personal donation, but your participation in the effort will have had a compounding effect by encouraging others to participate and spreading awareness. Imagine if three friends that saw your post go on to each challenge three more of their friends, and so on. At the end of it all, your participation in the #OverboardCleanUp brings limitless possibilities for the protection of Michigan's freshwater resources. BE PROUD OF THAT!

Let's do this. #OverboardCleanUp

Questions? Email us: [email protected]

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Donor Wall7

Theresa Webb | $60

The Jim Webb Family is donating in his honor, the man who taught us all to love and respect the Big Lake. We are donating $5 for each of us. Thank you for loving our Michigan waterways! So happy to take part of this challenge. ❤️

Devon Dramann | $5

Devon Dramann | $5

Thanks for loving our lakes!

Lindsay | $100


Thank you for taking care of the amazing lakes in our amazing state!


Jessica Czajka