Our New Home Office

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        Every organization has its office,

        every army has its camp,

        every mission its base

        We have the chance to have a permanent home for the community and for the mission of LCSC.

        Be a part of it! This is our home.

        Now is the time that we establish our permanent home and every member has got to have their stake in it.

        So let us all lay down

        the foundations.

        Every member beginning with the parents to the youngest members contribute – 

        brick by brick 

        no matter how little.

        For many years God has been good that we were lent a place but as the work has continually grown and the family has gotten bigger,

        it is time to have our own

        THIS IS FOR





        Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, 

        but not with God; all things are possible with God.”   

        Mark 10:27

        Watch this: Our Dream for the Future

        Donor options are as follows:

        The Three (David’s warriors)

        3 donors @ 5M = 15M

        The Seven (Deacons. Acts 6:3)

        7 donors @ 1M = 7M

        The Twelve (Apostles)

        12 donors @ 500K = 6M

        The Thirty (David’s warriors)

        30 donors @ 250K = 7.5M

        The Seventy-Two (disciples)

        72 donors @ 100K = 7.2M

        The One Hundred Twenty (group at Pentecost. Acts 1:15)

        120 donors @ 50K = 6M

        The One Hundred Forty Four (those sealed)

        144 donors @ 25K = 3.6M

        The Five Hundred (those Jesus appeared to after the resurrection. (1 Cor 15:6)

        500 donors @ 10K = 5M

        The One Thousand (years of reign of martyrs with Christ. Rev 20:4)

        1,000 donors @ 5K = 5M

        You may also donate smaller amounts.

        Please email homeoffice@cfcffl.net or text 0998-9842866