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Since we started last year have we accomplished amazing work, we are now the largest Tech events in the suburbs of Sweden. Also we have now started our Academy, 8 weeks coding bootcamp focusing on creating the next tech talents. In the end of the academy they will launch a new web app focusing on making the World a better place. We have yet to receive any funding from Government or Companies to run Orten.io we have been fully self financed.

Some stats below:

450+ : Attendees in our three events in Tensta, Rosengård and Bergsjön.
27: World class speakers, tech entrepreneurs, developers with diverse background.
200+: Features in Radio, Online and Offline publications at the top newspapers and tech blogs in Sweden.
2800+: Mentions, Social shares, Tweets about Orten.io
With ZERO government funding

Contact us on info@orten.io for more information