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At Origin Expeditions, we believe in the power of wilderness to foster healthy lifestyles, build strong communities and inspire people to be their very best. Much of this faith derives from personal experience. As a community of people who have spent countless days in nature, we know that it is in the wilderness where our purest, most authentic selves come to surface.

No more than a few hundred years ago hours of physical activity, natural food and time spent outdoors were fundamental to every person’s daily life. Human anatomy and physiology has changed marginally since then. Only very recently has the advent of perpetual stimulation and modern comforts distanced us from our foundation. Though our minds are easily distracted, our bodies covet the experience for which they were designed.

Origin Expeditions facilitates this experience. On each course, students will spend up to thirty days without phones, eating, sleeping and traveling in the wilderness. Many of our course areas are inaccessible by road and are devoid of modern amenities. While this may seem foreign and daunting at first, students will learn just how easy it is to live comfortably in the outdoors and feel for themselves the benefits of being outside for extended periods. 

In order to be comfortable and survive in the outdoors, each person must master self-care and identify how they contribute to the overall success of their team. Communication is key in intimate, tribe-like formats. Students will learn how to assertively make requests, delegate tasks and be transparent about their process. One of the most valuable takeaways will be their ability to provide, receive, and truly value feedback - an essential element to one’s personal development.

Students are immersed in a variety of outdoor recreational activities on each course at Origin. Though these activities are fun, they all present challenges that demand self-awareness, problem-solving, cohesive teamwork and physical prowess. If you’ve ever tandem canoed, skied backcountry, or climbed a multi-pitch route, you probably know this all too well. While essential to engaging in such activities, these skills can easily be applied to everyday life in our modern world.

By the time their course concludes, individuals will return home with a fierce passion for personal development and a profound appreciation for our planet. It is our hope that they will continue through life motivated to precipitate a culture where every individual works together to protect our natural world and create a unified global community. As we begin to confront some of the greatest challenges humans have ever faced, it is clear that our mission is as important as ever.

Only with your contributions will we achieve this goal. Every season presents opportunities to expose our region’s youth to experiences that foster respect for the environment and a drive to build better communities. Even with summer just around the corner, proper action will allow us to run courses as early as this July. Our world cannot wait any longer for change, and with your support, we can facilitate an urgent shift in the culture of our region.

The opportunity to act is now, use the widget on the side of the page to contribute to this cause! If for whatever reason you are unable to contribute financially and still want to support us, click on the social media links above to share this page with your network! You can also follow us on Instagram @origin_expeditions or facebook.com/originexpeditions.org to help increase our web presence.

Visit https://www.originexpeditions.org/blog/2019/5/7/fundraising-campaign-launch to read about how your donations are being used!

We are profoundly grateful for your support, 

Thank you!

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Origin Expeditions is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 83-3788001. All contributions are tax-deductible. To view our IRS confirmation letter, please submit a request in our website's contact form.