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We are making Minecraft Servers for Minecraft Bedrock and Java.

Our goal is to have servers where people can hangout with their friends and explore different worlds.
If you would like to support Optikservers help would be greatly appreciated.
We will spend the money we earn on...
-Upgrading our servers
-& other recommendations
## Important Notes ##

When you purchase an item from the shop, remember to put your minecraft username into the name section or it will be hard for us to give you your items.

The ranks you purchase here last forever (unless it says otherwise) or as long as the servers run, and last time I checked forever is for a very long time.

If you do not receive your rank on our servers right away, don’t worry, you can always email us at [email protected]
It may take us a couple of days to process your subscription but, for the amount of days you do not receive your perk, it will be doubled after your subscription ends.

These ranks are also permanent unless it says otherwise.
Thanks for supporting us!

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