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Operation Restoration (OR) supports women and girls impacted by incarceration to recognize their full potential, restore their lives, and discover new possibilities. 

We believe all women deserve the chance to restore their lives and discover new possibilities. We focus on achieving successful reentry through the advancement of education and the promotion of social reintegration tools including employment training and opportunities, through access to activities that eliminate alienation from their communities. 

Incarceration is defined as confinement in prison, jail, immigrant, juvenile or military detention, or a deportation facility. Impacted women and girls are those that are or have been incarcerated, arrested, are on probation and/or parole.

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        Operation Restoration is a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 61-1791941. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

        Donor Wall64

        Cheree | $52.23

        Thank you Telly for sharing the link. Organization is amazing.

        Nadia Daigre


        Michelle | $104.15

        For Jenae

        Nana | $104.15/M


        Charleen Augillard | $26.27

        Molly Lasagna | $104.15

        Love and light to y'all!

        Dee’s Soulful Cafe’

        Thank you all for your laborious efforts!

        Anna | $519.52

        In the names of all the amazing women whom rescued me. Haley, Gwen, Giselle, Jodie, Remecia, Syrita Irma (Mom), Shannon. All the courageous women at the Closet, operation restoration And the public defender office

        Altar New Orleans

        No Politics at the Dinner Table podcast | $363.76

        Hi Syrita and Montrell! These are the proceeds rounded up from our t-shirt campaign at No Politics at the Dinner Table. Wishing you a Happy Holidays and keep up the great work! Onward, Amit and Tony of No Politics at the Dinner Table podcast

        ODIE NOLA

        Thank you for all that you do!

        Clifford Robinson | $104.15

        Anonymous | $52.23

        This donation is for my daughter.

        Erica Martinez | $83.39

        Inspired by the $80 gift card story on Facebook.

        Jessica Stadd | $104.15

        Thank you for your amazing and vital work, helping women succeed!

        NoLa Macrame For A Cause

        On behalf of NoLa Macrame For A Cause

        Ramsey Realty Group, Inc. | $104.15

        On behalf of my company, I admire and respect what you are doing for the ex-offenders and their family. Keep up the great work! Dr. Reginald Ramsey, PhD, MBA, CISA CEO, Ramsey Realty Group, Inc.

        The Brooklyn Rail

        From your friends at Brooklyn Rail, and many of those who participated or attended Dofinette and Syrita's episode of the new social environment. Thank you for your work!


        Ms Amy Mercieca introduced me to this organization. I love what you stand for. Stand tall. Be strong. Let’s make a difference. Best, Lou

        Lois Ahrens

        Supporting the women impacted in Lake Charles by hurricane Laura

        Liane FitzGerald | $103

        Love and support for the amazing work you are doing ❤️❤️

        richmends2001arts on behalf of Gregory Wiley | $124.92

        Artist Richard Mensah is donating the proceeds of the sale his painting "Black Lives Matter". Gregory Wiley purchased BLM, and has designated the proceeds to Operation Restoration's College In Prison program. Thank you, Operation Restoration founder Syrita Steib, for being a survivor and a (per)sister. Your work is allowing others to survive, persist, and flourish.

        Creole Amour | $78.19

        Thank you for the amazing work you are doing in the community! Creole Amour has admired the work of OR for some time now, and we are thankful and happy to contribute in some way.

        ANDREW SHAPERO | $26.27

        Nicole | $375

        Thank you for the incredible work that you do!!

        Alicia & Andrew Fish | $1,038.73

        Thank you for your essential work lifting up women and their communities

        The Great Hearts Community | $25

        From The Great Hearts Community!

        Shira | $65

        Thank you for everything you do. These donations came from 26 different individuals.