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Operation Abundant Love

HELLO! 你好! (NI HAO) 👋  Invest in a safer playground where children, elders, and everyone belongs! Thank you!

Background: Yik Oi means ABUNDANT LOVE.  Before you read further, we invite you to invoke this energy in your heart.  Feel the settling back of your body.  Bring the ever present peace and stillness into your spirit.  We also remind you of the powerful matriarch and empress that was Yik Oi Huang.  She is survived by 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

There is deep pain that needs witnessing and many hearts that need mending. When a 17 year old young man takes the life of an 88 year old elderly woman, there is something very wrong. What happened to him? This platform is not only to remember Grandma Huang, but to bring ripples of healing to Visitacion Valley (VV) with events and the "Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park" renaming initiative (SIGN PETITION).  It is our mission vision to break the cycle of violence by becoming a trauma-informed neighborhood through this park. Please share your abundant love by investing in our work to memorialize this place and bring much needed activities and amenities to elders and youths.

Together, we will create a joyous, inclusive, safe outdoor space for generations to thrive in this diverse and beloved community. This park is like KINTSUGI, "the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. Kintsugi reminds us that something can break and yet still be beautiful, and that, once repaired, it is stronger at the broken places. This is an incredible metaphor for healing and recovery from adversity.” - Emma Johnson

(Visitacion Valley racial profile: Asian, Hispanic, Black, White, Pacific Islander).

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