One for the Writer: Teodrose Fikre

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Donor Wall (59)

Michael | $25

Keep up the fight!

Raymond Odle | $25

NANCYT | $10

eugene clark | $10

Stephen Lavalle | $10

Phenomenal article; In fact- flawless.

Bill Edley | $25

Margarita Silva Potts | $25

Genuine Thank you!

Janine Theodore | $25

Thanks for your courage to speak truth to power.

Sona Gumusyan


Frank | $5

Right on! Stated more eloquently than I ever could. Bernie lost me when he endorsed Hillary.

Joel | $25

Thank you for telling the truth! "MSM" wants those of us who reject the "2-party system" to think we are crazy, stupid, immoral, and stooges of a foreign power.

Richard | $5

You help us see through the smoke and mirrors. Thank you!

eugene clark | $5

Obama was my red pill, he showed me the con of US democracy

Jane | $20


Noble Media ( | $50

Great work, Teodrose! Poignant. I admire your work.

Stephanie | $10

Lucy | $5

Great stuff! The "ID politics" scam has been a pet peeve of mine from the beginning of the exploitative and sleazy "first black president" marketing campaign, when it became obvious it was a gimmick (especially when the man's race was pointed out every fking day, as though it were some kind of relevant & important qualification for the office of president), that the focus was on superficialities and it was assumed voters would have to fall for it or be labeled "racist"--the beginning of my absolute despisement for the Democratic Party and its cynical tribal-based hustle


Thank you for your thought provoking article.

Stuart | $20

Glad to know others think of the world as I do. When anything happens, first question must always be - who benefits? - when we know that, we understand the motives better. Also, political identities such as left and right are obsolete, they only serve to inspire division, have us fight amongst ourselves and be distracted from the real enemy common to us all.

Taylor | $5

Your writing is spot on about how the elite put profit before everything, even human life. I am reminded of Eugene Debs quote we are fit for something better than slavery and cannon fodder.

Larry Mckinney | $27

No Justice No Peace

Michael | $25

Unbelievable! One of the finest articles I've ever read.

William | $15

Thank you for putting into words so eloquently what I also learned the hard way. I campaigned hard for Obama in 2008, only to hold my nose and vote for him in 2012 as the "anti-Romney". Our tribalism doesn't allow critics of those anointed by the rich and powerful. They will unleash an army of serfs who think they are "temporarily embarassed" millionaires to attack any insightful critic. Please continue writing.

Martha Douds | $10

Thank you for an interesting read and food for thought. I’m a die hard bleeding heart liberal that despised the Pantsuit Pirhana, darling of alleged progressives with a passion. I did not goosestep in line as she cheated and stole the nomination and picked a running mate as vile as she, a pseudo progressive, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For the first time in my voting life I voted 3rd party because I simply could not pull the lever for HER. I figured since she was so good at stealing and considering her opponent that she would win regardless of my pathetic Ohio vote. As the world is devolving as I type this, with the Rump Roast at the helm, I’m not quite as sure as you are about preferring the Twitter in Chief to Hillrotten being in the Oval Office, but I certainly understand where you are coming from. I share your disdain for the Clintoons. They are a malignancy on a party that once had principles, once fought for social justice, once stood for equality. The Clintoons and most Democrats are a sham and ruined the once noble party with their neoliberal bullshit. Personally they are to me, as vile as St. Ronnie, for whom I heap much disdain with his fake welfare queen discourse and doing away with the fairness doctrine, giving rise to hate speech and radio like Rush Limpballs to go unchecked. Again, I appreciate your views and writing skills. I may not agree with it all, but I soooooo get it.

Stacy Keith | $10

I agree with most of what I read from you, but not yet to the point of a monthly commitment. Keep it coming. I like your spirit

Ryan LA | $5


Retired living month to month but find inspiration from your struggle!