One for the Writer: Teodrose Fikre

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David Hughes | $20

So thankful you articulate many of the things I have been thinking for years. "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses" -Plato-

Larry Thompson

Keep the truth and honesty coming our way. You shine the light!

Anonymous | $20

Thank you for your unflinching, honest, well written observations. I notice and appreciate. It is wonderful to find some writers/journalists who can see with clarity the situation as it truly exists.


Thanks for telling the truth.

Diana Tegegn | $50

Eloquently put! We need to stop squabbling and respect we came from one source. It would be great if we can get those who really need to read your article, read it. Thank you for your great writings. I hope those who appreciate your work donate so you can keep disseminating these kind, informative, humane, fair messages. Thank you.

Jesus Suarez | $5

Dan Nissenbaum | $27

Kelly Cannon | $50

Your writing blows me away. So refreshing. Thank you so much. Continue to educate and inspire. We need your voice.

Jesus Suarez | $10

Keep on telling the TRUTH !!!

Jacob van Oosterom | $25

"Independent journalists...throughout the media landscape everywhere." Or, voices crying in the wilderness of mainstream mirages everywhere? Oh well. Too bad my money is limited; seems a rather trivial reward for the nuggets of gold found here. But then, your work is really priceless anyway. Kudos!


This article put into words what I had be thinking. So well written, thoughtful, clear and important.

Larry | $10

Thank you for all the enlightening info you share with us. : )

Michael | $25

Keep up the fight!

Erin McBride | $10

You nailed it...thank you

Bill Edley | $25

Janine Theodore | $25

Thanks for your courage to speak truth to power.

Margarita Silva Potts | $25

Genuine Thank you!

Richard | $5

You help us see through the smoke and mirrors. Thank you!

Jane | $20


Noble Media ( | $50

Great work, Teodrose! Poignant. I admire your work.

Stephanie | $10

Michael | $25

Unbelievable! One of the finest articles I've ever read.

Charlene | $10

I wish I could do more for you. You are what journalism should be. Thank you!


Retired living month to month but find inspiration from your struggle!

Larry Mckinney | $27

No Justice No Peace


Stacy Keith | $10

I agree with most of what I read from you, but not yet to the point of a monthly commitment. Keep it coming. I like your spirit


It's not much, but all I can afford. Thank you for this, I really needed to read something from a journalist that is inspiring in prose and content. Keep writing, keep fighting, #Tsali

Kristal Booker

A thought provokingly accurate assessment of the political landscape in America and the duplicitous nature of the Democratic party.