One for the Writer: Teodrose Fikre

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David Hughes | $20

So thankful you articulate many of the things I have been thinking for years. "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses" -Plato-

Larry Thompson

Keep the truth and honesty coming our way. You shine the light!

Leonard Ross | $10

I really appreciated your article on faith, describing the spiritual path you found yourself upon, and also this article on Russiagate, Birthergate, and how we are all being played. Yet still beyond all the nefarious obfuscations that are weaponized against, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"; the very spirit of Satyagraha, the power or force of truth.

Jesus Suarez | $5

Anonymous | $20

Thank you for your unflinching, honest, well written observations. I notice and appreciate. It is wonderful to find some writers/journalists who can see with clarity the situation as it truly exists.


Thanks for telling the truth.

Diana Tegegn | $50

Eloquently put! We need to stop squabbling and respect we came from one source. It would be great if we can get those who really need to read your article, read it. Thank you for your great writings. I hope those who appreciate your work donate so you can keep disseminating these kind, informative, humane, fair messages. Thank you.

Christopher Stegman | $27

thanks Teodrose: Great writing and reporting, very timely but please give Bernie a break cause he is the most popular candidate for POTUS right now and probably the most progressive in our history. He's earned the public's trust however much we may disagree with him on specific issues and the way he may frame his positions on them. He is one of US. An activist pretending to be a politician as Shaun King recently put it. Keep up the blazing work. And thanks for changing careers (and sides).

Sandra Russel | $10

I wish it could be more. My husband and I are working class and have been exploited by bourgeois upper middle class employers who think that they deserve a comfortable life and we don't. Thank you for writing about class... we are in the middle of class warfare and I'm sharpening my pitchfork to stick it to the selfish rich.

Alan | $50

Thanks for standing up for Palestinians and thanks for speaking out against Zionism and especially the tyranny of Zionism in American politics.


Taschi Sidford | $10

Eloquently put and passionately delivered ... love your work Teodrose....

Elizabeth Colleen | $20

Grateful for your presence, insights, journalistic courage, and integrity. I've viewed some of your videos and caught your recent interview on Real Progressives live with Joy Mann. I came to SC 25+ years ago after sudden personal financial catastrophes, similar to your own experiences losing everything. And then in 2007-2008 after the global crash of economies, I began researching things to learn "how and why" the destruction persists. I quickly discovered Naked Capitalism/Yves Smith. What a treasure of truth and knowledge. That's where I discovered you and your work, as a link. Wonderful! Elizabeth Colleen

Peter | $10

Great articles. Thank you!

Kelly Cannon | $50

Your writing blows me away. So refreshing. Thank you so much. Continue to educate and inspire. We need your voice.

Jacob van Oosterom | $25

"Independent journalists...throughout the media landscape everywhere." Or, voices crying in the wilderness of mainstream mirages everywhere? Oh well. Too bad my money is limited; seems a rather trivial reward for the nuggets of gold found here. But then, your work is really priceless anyway. Kudos!

Branko | $25

I love your inclusive, antiwar, anti-power point of view.

Larry | $10

Thank you for all the enlightening info you share with us. : )

Erin McBride | $10

You nailed it...thank you

Dan Nissenbaum | $27

Mari Artinian | $50

Wow.... your last article.... I'm glad... I grew up with two Deaf parents, on aid, etc... my "whiteness" didn't get me anywhere..I didn't have "store bought clothes" until my late teens.It was my ambition & refusal to back down made me get out of my beginnings. I support ANYONE who subscribes to this tenet. Great article and although we don't always agree, I love hearing your opinions- because I can reflect & learn from others- even with different viewpoints.

Terry Wears | $10

excellent piece, heartfelt and inspiring!

Aaron | $30

Jesus Suarez | $10

Keep on telling the TRUTH !!!


This article put into words what I had be thinking. So well written, thoughtful, clear and important.

Michael | $25

Keep up the fight!

Raymond Odle | $25

NANCYT | $10

eugene clark | $10

Stephen Lavalle | $10

Phenomenal article; In fact- flawless.