One for the Writer: Teodrose Fikre

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Margaret Villa | $50

Merry New Year

Anonymous | $500

Hi Teodrose. Have been having an intuitive nudge to send you this for a while. I see you doing what you are doing with the best of intentions - from the heart. Hope this donation is helpful for you to continue.

Anne | $10

Revolutionary Rika Chambers | $25

I heard you first in clubhouse and now I look forward to your articles they are providing me with more context of what is happening and why. Keep speaking truth brother. The people need to hear the truth, even if first they refuse. Eventually we will wake up the dry bones. 🙌🏾💕

Anonymous | $25

Thank you for being a voice for those that are oppressed and telling their story. God bless you.

Anonymous | $100

My Lucky Day, I stumbled upon a Teller of Truth!! “Truth enjoys scrutiny, a Lie does not.”

Kristi | $25


Don't be depressed! Depression is a waste of time. Keep writing! And Thanks.

G | $5/M

Excellent work! Thank you!

Jan B | $25


Thank you Teodrose. I’ve been listening to you on Clubhouse and reading your articles which are laser sharp! Angelique Kenney

Maria | $10/M

Thank you for you dedication to journalism!

Donna Smith | $20

Thank you for your perspectives. I enjoy reading everything you write.

Lori | $25

Thank you for your insight! Praying for you and yours....

Timothy | $50

I love the Fikremariam family and especially your hard-hitting Big Pharma exposes'. Left Twitter a couple months back and on Mewe and Gab. I really miss your tweets and share your articles with my Independent groups. Timbob Ditty out!

Bob | $10

We desperately need yours and other like-minded voices! Keep up the great work and The Faith!

Patrice | $25

Thank you for your beautiful poem!

John Omniadeo | $20

Teodrose Fikre is one of the few reasons I stay on Twitter. A man of heart with plenty of brain power, he is back after getting kicked off for truth telling. The interview here with two health professionals is $200 worth of information and insight. But this is what I can afford. Thank you Teodrose.

Lucy Treadwell | $10

Keep exposing the soulless propaganda pigs brainwashing the citizens

Johanna | $25

I look forward to your writings and share your articles as they come. Thank you for being a voice for the "PEOPLE"

george stathakis | $25

hi...I am a 82 year old Greek/American born/raised in Gary,Indiana...keepitup!

Margaret Villa | $40


Thank you for your work. Your voice is so important!

Yahtiebo Bailey

Keep up the Great Work brother!


I really admire the depth of your thought and the amount of effort you go to, in explaining the architecture of your reasoning to your reader. Your honesty, humility, and work ethic are an inspiration. And the points you make are beyond words — they’re priceless, astounding. Genuinely wish I could contribute more.

Marick Payton | $25

Eliza Mentas | $10

Moussa | $10

Please never stop spreading the truth about the real values our ancestors stood for. I am Malian and à decendant of Mansa Moussa and it was mind opening to read this great article about atse tewodros 2 who I knew nothing about ! Thank you for this article and here is a little donation to help in the fight for justice and peace and equality. The MASS MIND REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED ✊🏿

Charlene | $10

I wish I could do more for you. You are what journalism should be. Thank you!

Forey Ratliff | $11