Health Equity Olympics 2021






We believe in a world where everyone has access to care. And we believe the growing gap in healthcare access is solvable.

Join our Health Equity Olympics to give struggling members of your community access to a doctor for free. 

From Mostafa Eldasher

Chief Mission Officer at CHFC

Cherry Hill, NJ

"How do you find a decent place to live, for a family of four, in Camden County, for only $1,200/month?” I thought, as I was looking over data from

It was puzzling, to say the least.

But even with a low price like that, the income needed to survive exceeded some of the best entry level jobs on the market… even for those requiring 4+ years of college.

You’ve probably felt it. Things seem far more expensive than ever. Yet wages have stagnated. 

The federal poverty limit, however, hasn’t moved much. 

This has left a growing portion of our neighbors out of assistance programs.

When we started Cherry Hill Free Clinic in 2017, we aimed to help those individuals by giving them access to care for free.

Simple things that a doctors visit can fix were no longer ignored until they needed a trip to the ER. 

The 3,000+ patients we’ve treated feel whole again knowing we’re here for them.

And that’s because our supporters were there for us.

But if the last 12 months showed us anything, it’s that we all could take better care of ourselves.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the fun, olympics-themed event we’re having this August.

“Health Equity Olympics” is a week-long challenge to show support of the uninsured and encourage healthy living.

It can be done with friends and family, or all on your own. Here’s the schedule of events:

OPENING CEREMONIES | Aug 2nd, 5:30pm

Join the leaders of Cherry Hill Free Clinic to kick off the Health Equity Olympics. Our doctors and nurses will "light the torch" for equity outside of the Clinic.

Bring the kids for an obstacle course!


Take a 3-mile walk to show your commitment to access to care.


Go cell-free for a night! Enjoy an evening family meal without interruptions. Play outside together to make happy, healthy memories.


Find water and dive on in. Swimming improves cardiovascular health.

BIKING FOR HEALTH EQUITY | Aug 6th ๐Ÿšต‍โ™€๏ธ

Take a 5-mile bike ride to build muscle strength and joint mobility.


Aug 7th, 12-3pmโ›ณ๏ธ

Join us at Top Golf in Mt. Laurel from 12-3pm to close out our inaugural Olympics. Enjoy climate controlled golfing, good food, and beverages! Tickets are $125, and all proceeds benefit CHFC’s mission.

(Only 75 spots available.)

…But the team and I were discussing how we could make it more affordable for you to join us at Top Golf. โ›ณ๏ธ

After all, it costs us almost $90 per person. So that doesn’t exactly leave us much wiggle room. 

So we decided to make you an irresistible, limited time offer...

Join The Branch at $25/month, and we’ll find a sponsor to take care of your Top Golf ticket. ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ

Yes, you read that right.

What is "The Branch," you may ask?

It’s an unstoppable community of givers that show up each month to give the uninsured access to care. 

100% of their giving funds our Patient Care program.

And they are 100% committed to stopping healthcare inequality from destroying our neighbors lives.

Their names are printed on the leaves of our giving tree. It’s in our office hallway for everyone —especially patients— to see.

Want a second ticket? Add another $25 to your monthly Branch level to make it $50/m. ($75/m for 3 tickets, and so on.)

There’s no commitment. And you can adjust your contribution whenever you want, as many times as you want.

We just know that once you’re part of the community and see the amazing good your monthly gift is doing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join sooner.

Imagine helping people each month like Earl McPhearson, who couldn’t afford basic blood pressure medication while working two jobs — one in healthcare.

Or helping someone like Mark Smith, who almost suffered heart failure before finding CHFC.

Passionate about health equity, but just not able to help financially? 

That’s ok!

We wanted to give you a way to end the challenge at Top Golf with us as well.

So if you’re unable to purchase a ticket, and you’re unable to join The Branch, now you’re able to sponsor yourself!

Start your own fundraiser for the Health Equity Olympics, and for every $250 you raise, you’ll get a ticket to Top Golf.

You can use it for yourself or a friend. You have until August 7th, but only if tickets are still available. (Go here to create one now, it takes only a few taps! But if facebook isn’t your thing, you can just do it the old fashion way and collect money however you choose.)

We believe that passionate, kind hearted people are the ones to bring about change.

Letting friends and family know you’ve accepted this challenge says you don’t stand for health inequality.

In fact, it’s one of the greatest ways to help the uninsured.

And now that you can be rewarded for raising awareness and fundraising, it’s more exciting than ever to get started now!

Earl McPhearson, Mark Smith, and thousands of other uninsured patients have had their lives transformed because courageous people like you chose to take action.

So whether you pledge to complete the Health Equity Olympics challenge at home, or join us at Top Golf for the finale, know that you’re making a difference in someone's life.

To recap, here’s all the ways you can join in:

โœ… Accept the challenge and make a meaningful donation in any amount

โœ… End the challenge with us at Top Golf by purchasing a ticket for $125 (only 75 tickets available)

โœ… [Limited Time] Join The Branch at $25/m and we’ll deal with your Top Golf admission

โœ… Start your own fundraiser and receive FREE Top Golf admission when you raise at least $250

โœ… Spread awareness of the cause by sharing this page

There will come a day where we can finally say "no one in our area suffers from medical poverty."

And we can’t wait to celebrate that day alongside you. ๐Ÿฅณ



PS- Interested in sponsoring this event as a business or brand? ๐Ÿ‘‰ Checkout opportunities here instead.  Sponsorship levels start at $500.


What if I want to bring a friend to Top Golf after we complete the challenge?

Things are always better with a friend or family member. So if you want to take advantage of the offers above for even more tickets, we got you covered: If joining The Branch, you’ll receive a ticket for every $25 you choose to contribute monthly. So Joining The Branch at $50/month will get you two tickets, $75/m will get you three tickets, and so on. Note: In order to qualify for the free ticket(s) you’ll need to be an active member of The Branch when the guest list is generated on August 7th. If starting your own fundraiser, you’ll receive a ticket for every $250 raised in your campaign, up until the day of the event, August 7th. But hurry, your only limitation is ticket availability.

But Im already a member of The Branch?

You’re all set to receive a free ticket if your monthly level is at least $25 when we generate the guest list on Aug 7th. (sign in here to adjust your amount if you need to) Same applies to members of The Root, those who graciously fund our overhead costs. There’s nothing you need to do. We'll put you down for a ticket per your current monthly level, divided by 25. Just stay tuned to your inbox for updates. (Be sure if you find our emails in spam/junk, that you move them to your main inbox, as well as add [email protected] to your contacts/whitelist.)

Will I be billed for my Top Golf admission if I adjust my Branch membership next month?

NO! There’s absolutely no commitment. We want you to be a member of The Branch because you want to be. So we work hard at making sure you feel good about your monthly gift. Starting off by allocating all that we receive from you exclusively to Patient Care. Something most charities cannot do. We can do this only because gracious private donors cover our overhead costs. So adjust your membership as you see fit, and we’ll keep working hard to provide the value you expect.

I dont use social media. Can I start my own fundraiser offline?

Of course! Social media has made it really easy to promote and raise money for nonprofits. (You can do it here in a few taps, fee free at that.) But we totally understand the choice to do things offline. Simply send us an email at [email protected]. You’ll still qualify for free Top Golf admission for every $250 raised, no matter the way you do it. But the keyword here is "raised,” not pledged.

Tell me more about what you do?

Cherry Hill Free Clinic is a grassroots non-profit treating the uninsured and underinsured in our area. Since 2017, over 3,000 patients in need were treated, during more than 3,700 visits — absolutely FREE. Saving several lives, and restoring hope for many more. These are people caught between the federal poverty line, and the actual cost of survival. A gap that's been growing rapidly, and destroying many lives. You can learn more about the disadvantaged population we treat by visiting This is a site by United Way that researches and tracks the socioeconomic impact on a segment of our population they call ALICE. Which is an acronym for people who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, but are Employed. You can learn more about what we do, the services we offer our patients, and apply to volunteer by visiting

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