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The Freedom Summit is an extreme mountaineering expedition to help those suffering from mental health issues and suicidal tendencies. The Bali Bersama Bisa team consists of mental health professionals including psychiatrists, doctors, counselors, psychologists and addiction coaches working together to provide the follow up of the newly launched LISA (Love Inside Suicide Awareness) suicide hotline. The teams are receiving a higher-than-expected volume of calls and need your help in addressing crisis scenarios, providing a stabilization unit for critical situations and reintegrating people back into society.


Olivia Gow is going to test herself mentally and physically in the first ever FREEDOM SUMMIT!


From Olivia and Arthur Apparel Squad: 

 Mental health is a topic that hits close to home for us Arthur girls. We’re aware that sometimes the mindset rollercoaster runs a little deeper than the seasonal, collection meltdown. 

With World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK day quickly approaching, we’ve decided to give support to those who need it, in a community that has enabled our brand to come to life.

Funds raised in this event will go to Movement of Recovery as the driving force of the LISA suicide hotline and the establishment of the stabilization unit. The responsibilities of care for those suffering is shared by all NGO’s making up the Bali Bersama Bisa network and the funds will be used in accordance with the needs of the individuals battling mental issues.

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    Honor Graham | A$12

    Team Arthur

    Lottie Clark | $50

    Such an important cause. Thanks 🙏

    Caitlin | A$5

    Team Arthur 💜 thank you for raising such important awareness for a beautiful country.

    Maya | $3

    Go Team Arthur! Proud of you ladies, all the best today! Forgot to comment when we donated before whoops love Maya and Max (A20$)

    Mykayla Ball | $5

    Team Arthur ♥️ This is a cause close to my heart and I’m thankful that you’re raising money to spread awareness and support people in need.

    Noura Ben Salah | $50

    Team Arthur! Goodluck ya sassy love you got this! ❤️

    James | A$50

    Good luck!!

    jess ofarrell | A$20

    Go livvy, go! Proud of u baby girl. Lots of luv xoxox

    Ashlee Steele | A$20

    Team Arthur


    Yay! Team Arthur! Best of luck!!! Wooooooooh !!!

    Jessy | A$70

    Team Arthur!! Good luck mountaineer Liv <3

    Jemma | A$5

    Team Arthur

    Lora Smith | A$5

    Team Arthur

    Jaweria Saeed | $15

    Ella | A$5

    Team Arthur :)

    Brittney | $5

    Team Arthur

    Brittney K | $5


    Ellen Haak | A$20

    Team Arthur 💖

    Sarah Firmston | $10

    Team Arthur

    Felicia Eriksson | $10

    <3 love this type of influencing

    Julia Kaul | $100

    Go Olivia! Nice to see you haven't lost your sense of adventure.

    keely | A$50

    Josie Somerville | $10

    Team Arthur

    Mykayla Ball | $5

    Team Arthur ❤️ all the best on your expedition Olivia!

    Sophie Richardson | A$15

    Team Arthur 🤎🌸 Best wishes for your expedition Olivia, for such an important cause. Beautiful.

    Ellie | A$5

    Team Arthur

    Michalina Obodzinska | $10

    Team Arthur

    Erin McPhail | $10

    Team Arthur

    Hanna Shim | $10

    Team Arthur