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Donor Wall33

Phelps | $21.08


Thanks for running the show again! I had less time to watch this year as we're no longer in lockdown, but it's great to see these boats from across the world and hear your inspiring speakers. Well done, and I'll be renewing my OCH membership too.

JOHN DAWSON | $26.27

Your work in putting the annual boat show together makes February something to look forward to!

Peter benson | $26.27

What you guys do matter a great deal to me. It helps me make boats and make meaning. Rock on!

Hubert | $104.15

Fabulous show thanks

Capt. Jack Molan

To do something well, you make it look easy

Dean Wright | $10.70

Kevin MacNeil | $208

Tom Jannke | $52.23

Chris Cannon IYRS | $519.52

Please accept IYRS's thanks for presenting an outstanding show. It helps all of us get closer to summer! Thanks also for creating a platform on which wooden boat lovers can connect! Chris Cannon - IYRS.

Mark Le Feber | $104.15

Best boating website on the web!

Wendy Bliss

Oh my OCH, the work and attention to detail you have all put into this presentation is... beyond my imagination! Wouldn't our dearly departed George Moffett have loved this? Every link I click on, every guest on your fabulous guest map, every detail that takes my breath away, I thank you, thank you, thank you.

John Stevenson

Thanks for extending the show. That's great news! It's really awesome — I love it! My only suggestion is to rotate more (many, many more) boats through the home page. I check that every single day, and wish there were different boats — it's the easiest way for me to see other boats without searching long and hard. I really rely on the photo rotator to be introduced to new craft! Thank you guys, keep up the great work.

grant Atchison | $100

Stephen | $52.23

This is great! Keep history and show it.

Roxy Darling | $52.23

Hullo OCH crew! What a grand thing y'awl are doing for the world of classic boat lovers! Thank you SO much for all the hard work that went into bringing us not only the World Wide Classic boat festival, but everything you bring to us on OCH! Roxy

Louise Drinnan

Roger Crawford

Thanks for a brilliant effort. Well done all!

David Dickmeyer

Steve, Maynard, Eric, et al, Your videos are always so inspirational and perfectly rendered. Thanks for opening the world of wooden boating to all of us! I especially love all of the how-to series and interviews.


Sometimes a bit Off Center, but ALWAYS dead on! Thanks to all!

Thomas Orr | $52.23

Dave Tew

The past 50 years of the wooden boat revival have been one of the most interesting developments of my lifetime. Your leadership in the video arena has inspired many of us and set the bar for the field as others have entered the marketplace. When I signed up for a lifetime membership 10 years ago I had no idea how far you would go or how richly developed and expert your offerings would become. What a fabulous ride it’s been in all your endeavors… and what the future holds will be fascinating. Many thanks!

Roger Stobbart

Thanks for all you've done, and are doing, to keep our traditions and heritage alive.

William Barton

Mark | $104.15

The most innovative use of internet, tradition, wood and wind. More interviews with Maynard Bray.

Doug Hermann | $104.15

Richard Kent | $104.15

Anna Mallin | $52.23

Kent and Audrey Lewis | $104.15

Thank you for taking the time to create this shared knowledge space. You efforts help sustain inspiration as well as inquiry, and it is invaluable to have such a fine team of experts available to help folks along the way. The organization, archives and access to your web space are top notch, with easy retrieval of the information being the key to success. WIth degrees in History, Communications and Library Science, along with our passion for building and boating, your website is our favorite. Thank you for sharing your time and talent. Cheers, Kent and Audrey

Rich Roberts | $104.15/Y

An additional hundred bucks a years is small change compared to the value received. Thanks!