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    In Peru, the national rural poverty rate exceeds 50%. The nation is in constant turmoil from poverty, migration, and overcrowding. The problems with gang and family violence are growing to alarming proportions as well as drug addiction, alcoholism, and internet gambling. Add to these a low and failing educational system and the end result produces poverty-stricken children who are neglected and at an insurmountable risk of failing at life. They are disadvantaged before they’ ve even had a chance to try. MISIUR stepped in as a hope and a safe harbor for many children in San Jose De Los Molinos, Region Ica, Peru and San Genaro, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru.

    Since 1992, Oakseed Ministries has been assisting indigenous ministries by serving abandoned children and the poor in the Developing World's largest cities, bringing the good news of Jesus through word and deed.