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This donorbox campaign is to give an opportunity to support the translation of Gisbertus Voetius's De Sabbatho et Festis (1638) (On the Sabbath and Feast Days) at modest levels, rather than at a formal sponsorship higher dollar amount (see NPSE below).  This lower level of support gives the option to support this effort just because you'd like to see it happen and may or may not purchase when it is published, or support at a level to also receive a copy upon publication (title to be published in the 2020-21 NPSE series co-published by Naphtali Press and Reformation Heritage Books). If you would rather be a formal sponsor of NPSE 2020-21, see the various sponsorship levels (starting at $199 USA, $299 International), including that of full Translation Sponsor (starting at $500), at (sponsors are formally recognized in each volume and receive other perks at various levels). The total collected here is included in the translation goal tally recorded at NPSE. If you choose to pay a custom amount, include your address if you wish to receive a copy of the book on publication if paying $50 or more if in the US, or $100 or more if outside the US. Consider being a full sponsor at the NPSE site if you contemplating paying a higher amount than those listed here and be formally recognized as a sponsor (see the link above).

Note: Address is optional but if you choose to pay at a level to receive a copy of the Voetius upon publication, you will need to provide your address in order to receive it.

More information. Gisbertus  Voetius, On the Sabbath and Feast Days. This is a proposed book project for the Naphtali Press Special Editions series year, 2020-2021. This will be a first time translation of De Sabbatho et Festis (1638). Not much by Voetius has been translated into English. This is an important work because Voetius was born in 1589, would have known men of the prior generation, was at Dort and clerked and issued its deliverances to print, and thus was well situated to canvas the Reformed view on this issue as it developed from the earlier days of the Reformed churches to 1638. The issue of the Sabbath, like in England and Scotland, was not without controversy, nor the companion issue of what to do with the old holy days of Roman Catholicism. If sufficiently funded, because of the complexity of this work, it will likely not be published until early 2022 unless the work proceeds a pace faster than anticipated. The translation will be done by David C. Noe.

NPSE. For over thirty years Naphtali Press (NP) has published fine quality editions of Puritan, Presbyterian and Reformed literature. Naphtali Press Special Editions (NPSE) is a series of books co-published by NP and Reformation Heritage Books (RHB). RHB handles production and sales of the titles, while NP creates the text to be published. This involves significant development costs and hearkening back to the days of subscription based and even older era of patron supported publication, NPSE relies on annual sponsor drives to raise the funds to create these texts. Sponsors (see at the several levels offered receive copies of all titles produced that year, a custom bookplate and recognition in the front sponsorship section of each volume, as well as other ‘rewards’ depending on sponsorship level. Sponsorship of NPSE makes it possible to publish puritan classics never yet republished, or undertake first time translation work, or transcription and editing for first time publication works still remaining in manuscripts.

The 2019-20 titles which were successfully funded and published were David Dickson's Sermons on Jeremiah's Lamentations, the first of three volumes of a new edition of James Durham's Commentary on Revelation, and a critical edition of Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici, or the divine right of church government. The Voetius will be produced in the same series for its second year 2020-21 along with the second volume of Durham and the first volume of the shorter writings of George Gillespie. D.V.

All three are in print and available at Reformation Heritage Books.




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