No Shame No Blame - A Documentary Film by Northern Arizona Restorative Justice






Northern Arizona Restorative Justice (NARJ)  is making a documentary movie about Restorative Justice. 

Your money is helping us produce this film. 

Our short film documenting the nature of Restorative Justice with inmates in jail was been selected by the Sedona International Film Festival and has been directed by award winning director Bryan Reinhart. 

Your money helps us provide education and practical examples about how we can do Justice better. 

What will we do with the money? 

We are filming the stories of lives touched by Restorative Justice. If you have a story about the power of Restorative Justice, reach out to us to share your story!

Your donation allows us to film NARJ's continuous training and skills improvement for our facilitators, community members and teachers who use restorative practices. As we train our team, we will film the methods we use to create amazing results for the families we work with. 

We will film more restorative circles. We know that just learning about Restorative Practices is not enough. Seeing  restorative circles, you begin to feel the way this works. You can see in our 8 minute short film how this is a combination of head and heart. 

Your donation can help us grow the Restorative Justice movement that is sweeping into schools, courts, and homes around the world.  

We offer education and consulting about restorative principles in schools. This allows us to encourage teachers, youth and families to use restorative principles rather than punishment when addressing behavior problems. 

Parents and teachers can help by asking their schools to use restorative principles to mediate issues in schools, encouraging all parties - youth, teachers, administrators and families - to move away from punishment and towards restoring relationships.  

We offer free resources for parents at home to teach and model Restorative Principles in all of our relationships. Relationships are the foundation for the work we do. Check out our 10 free restorative principles and use them to guide you and manage conflict in your life.

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We are a 501c3 registered charitable organization.

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