Invite your Team Members to your Donorbox Organization Account

We have recently added a new “Team” feature that will allow you to invite other members of your organization to sign up for Donorbox in order to help you manage your Org account. This can also be helpful if you want to give accountants access to view your financials.

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After Donation Tracking Code & PDF Invoices

After Donation Tracking Code

You can now track conversions from your donation campaigns by using an after donation tracking code! To use this option, go to your campaign editor and click the “Tracking” tab. Then, paste your tracking code, such as your Facebook Pixel conversion code, into the appropriate text box, and click “Save”.

PDF Invoices

We also added PDF invoices for your Donorbox services, which can come in handy for tax reporting purposes or for your accountants. To access these invoices, go to your Account and click the “Billing” link on the lefthand side. Then, scroll down to your billing history. The monthly PDF invoices will be located in the column on the far-right – just click the file icon to download them.

Thousands of Banks for ACH Donations + Changing Your Time Zone & Date Format

More Banks for ACH Donations

Plaid has added new banks to the ACH Donation option – there are now about 1,000! As a donor, if your bank does not come up on the first page of the ACH Bank Donation, we recommend using the search bar to search for your bank.

As a reminder, you must be a US customer to receive ACH donations. In order to enable the ACH donation option, you must go to your account and, on the “Account Info” page, scroll down until you find the “Enable ACH Bank Transfer Donation” toggle button. Once you’ve clicked the button to activate ACH Bank Transfers, update your account and you’re all set.

Stay tuned – recurring bank donations are coming in a few weeks!

Change Timezones & Date Format

We know every country looks at time and dates differently. The default timezone for most organizations is GMT. However, by going to your account and clicking the “Localization” button on the right, you can now change your localization settings. This includes changing your time zone as well as your preferred date format (mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yyyy, etc.).

Once you update these settings, all of your donation timestamps will change to match your preferences.

Donation Information Page

Tired of having to export your donations CSV file in order to access all the additional information associated with your donation? Good news! We added a new button that allows you to see all the data from your donations right from your dashboard. Simply go to your Donorbox dashboard and click the “Donations” tab to access your list of donations. Then, click the “Show” button at the top of the far right column.

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Donors Database & Donor Profiles

We recently added a new page to your Donorbox dashboard in order to make it easier for you to manage your donors! The “Donors” page groups all your donations into a comprehensive list of donor profiles that you can easily sort through based on a variety of factors, such as their name, the date of their last donation, or their donation count. You can also sort by total donation amount!

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New Feature: Pre-Fill Default Amount in your Donation Forms

Are your donors having trouble deciding how much to donate? We recently added a new feature that allows you to pre-fill your donation forms with the default amount of your choice. This will further expedite the checkout process and encourage your donors to donate more than the minimum. To find out how it works, begin by clicking on the “Embed Form” button to the right of your campaign name.

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Install Recurring Donation Forms on Site123 with Donorbox

Site123 is a user-friendly website builder that allows anyone, even those with no website-building experience or coding skills, to build responsive websites. You don’t even need to drag and drop widgets, just use the ready-made designs and layouts, add your content, and you’re all set! You can choose to create a Site123 website for free, or to upgrade to their premium plan for $9.80 a month and benefit from a domain connection, higher bandwidth, and more storage. It also only takes a few minutes to embed your Donorbox donation form onto a Site123 website – keep reading to find out how it’s done.

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Installing Modal Popup Donation Forms on Squarespace

In order to make our checkout process even faster, we recently came out with our modal popup donation form. This feature makes it so that your form pops up on the same screen when someone presses your donate button, instead of redirecting your donors to a separate donation page. This guide will walk you through how to install a popup donation form on your Squarespace website:

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Accept Recurring Donations with Moonfruit and Donorbox

Moonfruit is a subscription-based web hosting service, which currently offers versions in both English and French. It has a simple, user-friendly point-and-click interface as well as drag-and-drop templates, to make it easier than ever for you to build your own custom website. For those of you with Moonfruit websites, we have put together a guide on how to embed your Donorbox donation forms on a webpage.

accept recurring donations on moonfruit

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Feature Update: Custom Questions for Offline Donations

For those of you who do a lot of in-person fundraising and want to add your offline donations to your Donorbox account, we have some great news! You may have noticed that Donorbox forms have the facility for donation designation and custom questions. Now these questions are available for donations that you receive outside of Donorbox. Here is how it works:

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