New Features Update: Português & Additional Form Controls

New Features Update: Português & Additional Form Controls

In addition to allowing you to ask your donors to cover processing fees, we have also added some new options to our embeddable donation forms.

To begin with, you can now choose to disable custom amounts from your donation form. The option to type in a custom amount would no longer appear to your donors on your donation forms.

To enable this, just log into your Donorbox dashboard and click on the “Edit” link next to your campaign form. Then go to the Advanced tab and select the option marked “Disable custom amount. Hit Save and you’re done.


Another new feature is our users in the beautiful country of Portugal! You can now create your donation platform in Portuguese. This option can easily be changed in the “Basic” section of your campaign editor, under “Form Language”.

You can see what the final product for Portuguese donation forms looks like below.

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