PayPal Donations is Here

PayPal is the grandfather of internet payments system and quite an interesting one. Even though its checkout process could be faster, many donors are used to it. As as result, there are over 157 million PayPal users with their payment info conveniently saved on there. At DonorBox, we want donors to use using whatever payment method they feel most comfortable in. Thus, we are excited to have the option to accept PayPal donations.

To activate PayPal, simply enter your PayPal email under your organization account settings.

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Your donation data will still be collected just like a regular card donation.


Per popular request, we will be working on the ability to customize your email receipts. We are also looking at ways to cut transaction fees dramatically using direct bank transfers as an additional donation method.

If you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to contact us at support [at]

PS. We’re hip enough to be on Twitter (@donorbox). Hollar at us anytime.

7 thoughts on “PayPal Donations is Here”

  1. I really like what was said about using Paypal to make donations. I really feel like this is smart for nonprofits because it is a way to pay that has been tested and that people trust. I can see how it would be a great alternative to other complicate payment methods.

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