Introducing, The Important Podcast

Introducing, The Important Podcast

We’re launching a podcast, an important podcast… The Important Podcast!

Yes, you didn’t misread—that’s the podcast name. Audience, meet: The Important Podcast.

The people I interview in each episode are experts of various disciplines and crafts (e.g. theatre arts, data science, product design, community, etc.).  The one thing they have in common: doing important work that serves others.

In this podcast, you will hear stories of people changing the world by helping others. From a village that houses the formerly homeless to a woman teaching Shakespeare to prisoners… I can’t wait for you to hear these inspiring stories!

You can listen to The Important Podcast on iTunes and Spotify

The First Two Episodes

A Community for the Homeless – Amber Fogarty

In this first episode, you will meet Amber Fogarty, Chief Goodness Officer at Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF), and hear about her unique and community-focused approach to helping the Austin homeless population. You will also learn about the Community First Village, an innovative community designed specifically for men and women transitioning from chronic homelessness.

You can also listen on iTunes and Spotify

One Degree Away From Help – Rey Faustino

In the second episode, you will meet Rey Faustino, the founder of One Degree, and hear his story of how growing up poor in Los Angeles inspired him to create a technology organization that helps low-income families discover and access vital resources that help them get out of poverty.

You can also listen on iTunes and Spotify

Our Mission, The Sacred Feedback Loop & Get Involved


The mission of this podcast is to tell the stories of people doing important work for humankind. This isn’t a highlight reel of their lives; it’s the vulnerable story of their struggles, failures, and successes.

I define success as a positive experience for you (our audience) that inspires you to think, feel or do something that you might not normally. I hope you find The Important Podcast entertaining, informative and heartfelt.

Feedback Loop – Listening to You, the Audience

Listening is important in relationships, product design and storytelling. I will never know if the podcast is succeeding if I don’t listen to you. With that in mind, please send me your thoughts via this Typeform or email me here. I will read all the feedback.

The podcast is a work in progress, and we’re learning new things with every episode. Thank you for helpings us learn, iterate and grow.

Get Involved

Here are three ways to get involved:

  1. Listen to the episodes.
  2. Leave a review on iTunes and/or Spotify.
  3. Send your ideas, thoughts, and feedback via this Typeform or email us here.

I will read all your reviews and feedback. Thank you, listeners.

Preview of What Comes Next

Upcoming episodes include:

  • Shakespeare in Prisons – Suraya Keating
  • From Prisoner to Pro Actor  – Dameion Brown
  • Games to Play on Your Commute – Behind the Scenes Interlude with Suraya and Dameion

Want to Submit a Story?

Have an inspiring story in mind? Want Jared to interview someone you know who is doing work to improve our world?

Submit their information here


I’m grateful to Donorbox for sponsoring this podcast storytelling project. It’s an honor to give back to the community by providing a channel for them to share their stories and lessons learned.

I’m grateful to Jake Delpine, our creative assistant, for his great work on the audio, the album cover art, for his feedback and guidance.

About The Author

Jared Polivka’s mission is to serve others while living a light-hearted, present, empathetic and responsible life. Jared serves non-profits at, teaches at The Joy of Improv and advises various startup founders and organizations. Stay in touch with Jared on Instagram and Medium and LinkedIn.

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