How to Enable A Public Donor Wall For Your Donation Campaigns

How to Enable A Public Donor Wall For Your Donation Campaigns

Donorbox just released an exciting way for you to showcase your donor support: The Donor Wall

A donor wall is a list of your donor contribution and comments.

enable public donor wall

This wall will be displayed at the bottom of your donation page or embedded anywhere in your website.

Enable the Public Donor Wall

To enable the donor wall, go to the “Social Media” tab of the form editor. Then click the toggle button marked “Display donor comment wall” to the ON position.

donor wall

After that is done, your donation form will give your donors the options to showcase their donation on the public wall.

Donor Display Options

embed donor wall


If a donor selects this option, we will display her donation info and comment on the wall. The wall will be shown below the form on your hosted page.

enable public donor wall

Embed the Donor Wall

Your organization might want to showcase the donor wall various parts of your website. That’s why we made the donor wall embeddable. Just like your Donorbox form, you can grab the embed code for the donor wall so you can put anywhere on your website.

To do this, go to your Donorbox dashboard. Click the “Donor Wall” link, which you will find next to the campaign name.

embed public donor wall


You will see a screen with an auto-generated script to copy and paste onto your website. This will embed the Donorbox donor wall into your existing website.

enable public donor wall

Wagisha Jha is the content overseer and writer at Donorbox. She is a marketer specializing in early to mid-stage startup growth. In her free time, she can be found writing, caring for animals, or indulging in fine arts. Say hello to her on Linkedin or Instagram.

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